On the Come Up


If there's one thing at which I'm confident in my abilities in doing, it's making music videos... of myself. I am fully aware at how narcissistic this is. But its effect on me actually goes a lot deeper. So much deeper, in fact, that the narcissism becomes irrelevant to me.

Here's a list of some of the main things that I'm about. Things that make me ~feel~. Things that make me ~me~.

Self love

When I make one of these videos, I'm not just doing it so that I can look cool. I'm not just doing it so that I can receive praise from those who see the final product. I'm doing it to create. I'm doing it to make something from start to finish. From concept to production to execution. I am using my hands, my eye, and my heart at every step of the process. By using myself as the subject, I get to feel the love I have for myself. I get to feel like a star. I get to portray myself in a way that makes me feel like a goddess. When I make one of these videos, I get to experience the above list of things all at once, and exercise and grow my talents all at the same time. Why the hell wouldn't I.

Whatever it is that makes ~you~ feel. Whatever it is that allows you to grow and shine and exercise ~your~ talents. Do it. That's what you're here for. Be the star you already are.