Raise Up; Soften

Life is insane. Moving through this life on this earth is not easy. In fact, it's really fucking hard. Individually and collectively. For all different reasons. Just when you think you've seen it all; just when you think you're at your lowest -- or maybe you've even finally reached your highest -- you're suddenly hit with something you never could have fathomed. Whatever that something is, there was no way you could have ever prepared for it. No way. Well, not for that thing specifically, at least.

You see, the individual life that each one of us lives is a direct reflection of our very own perspective. In essence, we see things as we choose to see them. And that is exactly where our most basic -- yet most transformative -- power lies.

Let's make the decision to view this life through the lens of love. To pick out the happiness, the beauty, the light. The things that lift us up. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. And I mean the real kind of good. Not that phony kind of good that the ego tricks us into thinking is the real kind of good. I mean the luminous kind of good that comes from the heart. The kind of good that has you walking on actual air. You know it when you feel it.

If we want to make this life a better experience for all, it's our job, collectively, to raise the vibration of this planet. And that collective vibration starts on a singular level. It starts with you. And you, and you, and you, and you. And me.

Let's choose to embody love. To fill each one of our bodies with light until all 50 trillion cells are ready to burst. In a good way.

Some will label us ignorant for even hinting that it's possible to feel happiness at a time like this. And it's not their fault for thinking that way. But we won't let that change us. Instead, we simply turn to them and say, "Try it with me, won't you?"

Because, my dears, there is nothing shameful about being a source of love. Especially at a time we need it most. The future of love and happiness depends on us. We can not -- and will not -- let them dissipate.

I will admit to you I am not love all the time. I fall off and fall off, again and again. I'm not proud of these times, how could I be? What I'm proud of, though, is my ability to notice. To take a step back and a nice deep breath, and decide to start again.

No matter what, we can always start again.

*If you have a feeling that you are the person who inspired this blog post, you absolutely are, and I want to thank you for that. I don't mean "thank you" in a facetious way, even though my stomach has been in knots for the past couple of days. You have reminded me that I need to keep doing the job I know I'm here to do, even though you and I have different ideas of what that job might be. I might not support the route you've chosen to do your own work, and I do believe it might behoove you to soften just a little; to alter the lens through which you're currently looking, but I do, without a doubt, stand behind your passion and your unwillingness to give up. We're all warriors. Each in our own way.


Ten Things

1. In August I began a new thang as a social media specialist at Etsy. I can't believe it's already been 5 months, but what's more unbelievable is how much I've already learned from the ridiculously intelligent and talented group of people I work with. Damn. It had been a dream of mine to work for this company, and it really happened. It's really happening.

2. You already know I'm obsessed with potato chips. Welp, now there's a new thing: Taco Dumbo. Specifically their rotisserie chicken tacos. Still obsessed with potato chips, though. 

3. Another thing I really like right now: wearing earrings. Specifically these ones. I've been getting lots of compliments on these, and I'm always proud to say they were made by an Etsy seller.

4. When it comes to love and romance, I don't really know how to go halfway. It's funny, really. I'll meet a guy and immediately think he's it. That he's the one I've been dreaming of my whole life. So quickly do I fall into it, and just as quickly do I fall right back out of it. It used to be just a matter of months. But more recently, it's been a matter of weeks. Maybe I'm putting up barriers and letting fear take over too quickly, or maybe I'm learning to be more in tune with my own energy and what does and doesn't work for me. I happen to believe it's the latter.

5. In April I'll be moving into a new apartment (yet to be discovered). My top requirement for said apartment: sunlight. Specifically, direct sunlight. I need to have a bedroom with south-facing windows. It's going to be life changing. 

6. Remember when I taught my cat to sit, give me his paw, stand on his hind legs, and take a couple steps backwards? I'm now in the process of teaching him to speak on command. Such a smart cookie, that one.

7. In case you didn't see it yet, I started a beauty account on Instagram. I'm planning to do a giveaway once I hit 1k followers, so wut's good? I also have a fun YouYube collab in the works. Wait for it.

8. I've always liked feeding fish. You know, like, goldfish. But I could never stand the smell of fish food. No clue why that just popped into my head, but, w/e.

9. I have not had a sip of alcohol since New Year's Eve. My poor precious body just can't handle it. I'm done thinking I'm invincible. My body is delicate and beautiful and it deserves to be treated as such.

10. Vitamin D supplements are really a lifesaver in the winter. Over and out.

Photo by Olivia Khoury. <3


Skin + Hair + Dirty Lemon

I think you guys probably know this by now, but if there's one thing I'm all about, it's natural beauty. I'm allll about gettin' that radiant glow, especially from the inside out.

My girl Christina recently told me about Dirty Lemon and their skin + hair beverage. The way she described it to me was that it was kinda like a juice cleanse, but without giving up any of the food you normally eat.

So, it's like a liquid supplement? Glowing skin and hair in a bottle? Count me in.

According to the pros at Dirty Lemon, the ingredients in this blend were carefully selected to improve skin elasticity, hydration, and skin density, increase internal collagen production, and offer nutrients for optimal hair health.

It's made of 6 ingredients: filtered water, cold pressed lemon juice, horsetail, red clover, cayenne, and hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides.

I tried a case of this potion (that's 6 bottles). One per day. Doesn't matter if you drink a bottle first thing in the morning, right before bed, or spread out through the day. You can do whatever works for you.

My favorite part was the unmistakable buzz I'd feel immediately after drinking a bottle. It was as if I could feel my circulation improving right then and there. It felt like every cell in my body was buzzing about, ready to take care of whatever it needed to take care of.

If any of you have tried any Dirty Lemon beverages, I wanna hear! Leave a comment and let me know how they worked for you.

PS. For more beauty and wellness stuff, I started a new Instagram account! Follow here :)