Intuitive Stretching

Back when I was living in Philly, I used to attend a type of yoga class like no other, taught by a woman who I look to as one of my most precious spiritual teachers, among a million other things. It was through her that I learned the true importance of listening intently and intuitively to the information my body is sharing with me. And that's exactly what I do. Every day, to some extent, I stretch and move my body in ways I feel it's calling me to. Usually at home. On my bed... in the kitchen... and now on this beautiful yoga mat by La Vie Boheme Yoga.

It's really really important to me that every single item in my home feels like it belongs. With an apartment filled with plants, this beauty was a no brainer. I step right on, and suddenly I'm in a magical jungle. It's perfect.

If you've never tried moving your body intuitively, I really suggest you try it. It can be an incredible experience -- eye-opening, even. I find this to be most magical to do at night, when all of your tasks are done for the day. Find a clear, quiet spot, and roll out your mat. Light some candles, incense, palo santo. Turn on some vibey music, whatever that may be for you. Don't think, just move. Feel. Notice what parts of your body are calling out to you. Listen to what they're saying, and respond with your own unique movement.