Ten Things

1. Last week, I had my tarot cards read. The most notable takeaways were that love will be entering my life within the next few weeks, and in 3 months time it will "become clear that it's a soulmate." O0oh lala. I'll keep you guys posted, obviously.
2. At the tarot card reader's recommendation, I've been listening to this when I fall asleep. It's fuckin' powerful, man. I'll put on a playlist of a few of these videos so that they continue while I sleep. I'm really into it... even if I end up waking up in the middle of the night like, "Alright. ENOUGH," and have to turn it off.
3. I always prefer not to wear a bra. Whenever I can, I go braless. It feels freeing and playful and even a little bit bad ass. Of course, I am part of the IBTC, so it doesn't really make a big difference either way.
4. Today, like many days in my life. I ate a full bag of chips. How long will this continue? Time will tell.
5. In ten days time I'll be in LA with this babe visiting this babe. Can not freaking wait. Is there anything we need to do or see?? Let me know!
6. For almost a year I've been mostly nail-polish-free. (On my hands, at least.) I love how easy it is to not worry about chips and smudges and repainting every 3 days. But... there's something so feminine and subtly sexy about a hand of painted nails. So for now, I'm switching back.
7. Just realized I've only had a quarter of the amount of water I normally drink by this time of the day. Shit.
8. I've been making it a top priority to get my arse to the gym as often as possible, and I'm really excited about it. I'm starting to feel really strong, and I can even see some baby abs poking through -- even if my lil potbelly is covering them. Refer to #3.
9. Kombucha has been my jam for a while. But lavender kombucha, you guys. That's that new shit I'm on.
10. Yesterday, my grandma said something so simple yet very profound: "Good things take a lot more time than bad things." Patience, my friends. The good is coming.

Photo by Jana Kirn.


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