Crystals in My Water

I like my water vibin' high. Charged up by the precious stones of Mama Earth.

I first heard about VitaJuwel and their ViA gemwater bottles from my yogi sister. As soon as I did, I needed one for myself.

What is gemwater, you ask? The most beautiful kind of water you can get.

Purified water that has been charged up by crystals becomes purified even further. The gems raise the vibration of the water to heavenly levels. They bring it back to its natural, wonderful, nourishing, healing state -- the way nature intended. The pH levels become more balanced, harmful substances are neutralized, and you become revitalized.

You just fill up the gorgeous glass bottle with purified water (I use ZeroWater to filter mine) and let it sit for 7-10 minutes while it works its magic. The water can pick up on the energy of the crystals through the glass pod that encases them. One sip and you'll notice a difference for sure.

I have the ViA Wellness, and I just adore it. There are a ton of other gempods you can get, too. You can switch out the pod depending on which one feels right for you at that moment.

I could go on and on about this bottle but, really, you should just get one for yourself. Well, maybe watch my little video first. Then go get yours.



  1. i would love to see a tutorial on how you do your hair! It always looks so great!

  2. Water itself is an essential part of body and its daily, sufficient intake keep body healthy and live. This idea of crystal water is good but do share if it has any side affect too?


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