The Moon Deck

Even its name sounds enticing: The Moon Deck.

I recently had the great honor of having one in my possession to see what this magical deck was all about. Instantly I fell in love.

44 gorgeous cards, each with a transformative mantra and unique gorgeous illustration. A mini book explaining each mantra and offering an accompanying ritual. And a beautiful handcrafted wooden box to encase it all.

I loved to pull a card or two each morning... to help me start my day with intention. And before bed I'd pull a few more... usually focusing on a specific topic before pulling these: work, love, health.

Come spring this deck will be available for all, and I can't wait to have one to call my own.

I've met two of its three creatresses... these are special women. The Moon Deck is truly a product of love. And they just want to share it with us all.

On behalf of everyone who The Moon Deck will touch, help, and heal... thank you, ladies.

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