Of a Lifetime

Tell me how... you can be thrown into an incredibly exciting yet unknown experience with a human you know nothing about... you can spend almost every moment together for an entire summer, exploring the earth, meeting people, capturing experiences... eating, seeing, and doing the unknown... and then, suddenly, almost without true warning, you realize it's come to an end.

Tell me how... you can go an entire 4 years without being face to face with this person. This person with whom you shared a string of life experiences which can not be compared to anything either of you had ever before experienced... and in those four years, the bond only strengthens.

Tell me how... you can fly across the country to stand in front of this human for the first time in many, many moons... realizing that in the time spent apart, you've both moved in and out of new cities, entered and departed new relationships, started and ended new jobs... experienced heavy shifts of consciousness... brand new ways of thinking and living...

And yet... when your two souls are physically reunited... there's an undeniable feeling of familiarity that can not be explained; that does not need to be explained. What happened in the interim plays no role here... other than offering a fresher perspective which allows for a deeper mutual understanding.

Maybe I'm talking crazy talk. Maybe it all sounds nonsensical. Maybe to fully and truly express this friendship, one must simply be in its presence.

This, my friends... this is a friendship of a lifetime.

(Music by Lord Huron)


  1. This is absolutely incredible and inspiring and I've loved watching it all on your instagram! Also, Lord Huron is the best :)


  2. i'm in love with this video


  3. You really are the queen of self-orchestration.

  4. sick! www.brunadiletta.blogspot.com

  5. I watched your whole STA adventure! You have a beautiful friendship (even though I want you guys to end up together haha)

  6. LOVE this! What kind of camera did you use?


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