That 9-6

Sometimes you're just like, "Ughhh, work is so annoying; everything is stressful; get me tf out of hereeee."

And then sometimes you're walking down the street with a disco ball, looking for a cute wall to use as a backdrop for a picture of a cute girl in cute clothes, and you're just like, "Nvm."

Also, you should follow my work shenanigans on the daily here.


Diez Cosas

1. My MacBook has a virus. My MacBook has had a virus for 3 months. My MacBook got a virus when I tried to stream Broad City and ended up unconsciously downloading a bunch of shit that gave my MacBook a virus. Have I taken it to the Apple store yet? Nah. Why would I ever do a thing like that.

2. Chipotle is the only fast food place I'll allow myself to go to. And I allow myself to go there verrrry often. Also, THE PEOPLE WHO WORK AT CHIPOTLE ARE ALWAYS SO GOOD AT THEIR JOBS. SO EFFICIENT. RIGHT?

3. One of my best friends just broke her pelvis (LOVE YOU). And she's still ridiculously positive enough to make a joke of it and coin the hashtag #pelvispresley. 

4. Hummusworm update: Both parasites are GONE. But… now I just found out I have Lyme Disease too. LOL. So it goes…. ;)

5. In a week and a half, I get to go see the human who I traveled for an entire summer with in 2011. We'd never met each other before that, and we haven't seen each other since. I CAN NOT WAIT.

6. I have a v fun time making ridiculous Snapchat stories. If you think you might have a v fun time watching, come join. (@hummusbird)

7. I don't really plan to stay in New York for that much longer, but I have not a clue where I want to go. Well, I have a few clues, but nothing strong enough to make a decision.

8. I think that, more than anyone else, you have to make yourself laugh most. As long as you got that, you good. You good.

9. I love conspiracy theories. As long as I'm given an argument that's at least *somewhat* convincing, I'll believe anything.

10. One day I will host a TV show. I think I can make it happen. I think I can make it happen soon.


Extra Celestial

Sometimes, you take a picture, and a phrase comes to mind. Others… you hear a phrase, and it causes you to envision an image that you just can't not un-envision. You must create it.

Thanks, Big Sean. This one's for you.