It's here. We're in it. That summer haze. Those silly days. The ones we dream of all damn year. It's the dead middle of summer. And I better start acting like it.

Having a ~*job*~ can really do a number on your energy level… and your free time. Obviously. But I don't want to let that affect me. I don't want to wake up one September morning and think "What the fck did I even do this summer?"

So let's get in it.

Stoop hangs and rooftops. Barbecues, lakes, and pools.

Road trips and snacks and music. Laughs so hard you can't even breathe.

Maybe I'll even be allowed to drink alcohol again soon. Maybe.

I realize that, once you start getting a little older, summer doesn't just happen like it used to. You have to make it happen. And really, that's the beauty of it.

What are yoooooou doing this summer? Maybe I'll see you there.

First photo of me by Sean Cynamon; second by Jana Kirn for Entropy Jewelry.


  1. That last photo is just so captivating!

  2. So inspiring...the first picture makes me happy :)

  3. Beautiful photos - so summer-haze-y, perfect capture of that mood!
    I'm hoping to make my way up to the countryside for at least a weekend this summer - spend some time away from the big city. Sometimes a nice backyard adventure is enough to tide me over though.

  4. They all are so dreamy. Do you photoshop these? You are just such a natural goddess, I just really love you.

    Oh, I hope to take a few trips, hang out under my dream tree, maybe finally get a chance to meet you up in New York when I'm in the area and unlock another level of inner peace and love. Thank you for constantly inspiring me.


  5. Beautiful espadrilles! Do you mind sharing where you got them?

  6. Love it! Feels like summer. This summer has been so hot that I dont feel like I have really enjoyed it. I better get on it!

  7. Such dreamy photos! Where's that long duster jacket from? Love it :)


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