Ten Things

1. Shoutout bbgirl Jana Kirn for these dope-ass mother effing shots. That girl is pure talent in the chillest form.2. In case you've been curious… the #hummusworm (tapeworm) and its crew are ALLLMOST gone. I'm currently on a 3-week sugar cleanse to rid myself of the remaining sugar-esque substances I was allowing myself (fruit, potatoes, & the occasional Ezekiel product). Turns out it might be my ~*emotions*~ affecting my health more than anything else, but that's a story for a different day. Thank you all for being such an awesome support system throughout all this shit. The road to health sure is full of some damn big potholes. 3. Lately I'm jus liiiike, "AYO SUMMER. WHERE YOU AT?" 56 degrees on June 2nd is just plain blasphemy!4. Two of the people I love most in this world just married each other over the weekend. It was so beautiful, so perfect. I love them both with my whole heart.5. I got to see THIS BABE recently… for the first time in far too long. The original OG FP Julia. My old boss. My gurlfren. My Coachella partner in crime. Now I can't stop thinking about a trip to Austin. We gon' make this happen. 6. When was the last time you and your best friends bough friendship rings? Last week, this one and I did exactly that. I'm obsessed.7. I often wish I could hire someone to play with my hair throughout the day, every day, from the moment I woke up until the moment I fell asleep. 8. Still craving pizza. It's been almost one full year since I had a slice.9. Oftentimes -- usually when I'm on the subway during my morning commute -- I wish there was something I could say to snap everyone out of their own little worlds and come together and just hang. It's not the way we're brought up -- we learn to shield ourselves from strangers, to keep to ourselves for the most part. We develop fears and anxieties about relating to other people. I have them, too. I wish it wasn't this way, and I wish there was something I could do. I wish, I wish, and I know that there must be. I just don't know what. 10. I should start writing in a journal… regularly. Actually, I think I might.


  1. Brigette!

    How do you get your hair so long and perfect? Share your secrets, please!


    1. Haha! Just never cut it and only wash every 2-3 days. Also, this is basically the only product I use: http://aromabliss.com/aromatemp/Aromabliss_Vamakesi_Oil.html :)

  2. These photos are amazing, you look beautiful! I'm also jealous of how long your hair is I wish I had hair like yours! Mm I'm also craving pizza and can't remember the last time I had some-- no one should ever go so long without pizza!

    Diana xo | My Lovelier Days

  3. Love the photos!


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