Moon + Mercury

Tonight, Mercury turns retrograde at 9:49 EDT. It's a period to tie loose ends in order to make way for new opportunities; to revisit old patterns of thought and change them in order to move forward in a way that enables us to better serve ourselves. Today, I found myself writing the words you see on this piece of paper. I didn't intend to share this with anyone -- it really was just for me. A record of the thoughts flowing through my mind.

Then, I had a work-ish meeting with a beautiful soul who told me that today also marks a new moon, and that it's the perfect time to write down a list of what we want to accomplish in this moon cycle. So coincidental, as I had already written this little note to myself hours before I spoke with her.

I wanted to share with you guys as inspiration to write your own. Think about how you want to live. How you can better yourself. Ways that you can raise the vibes you put out into the universe. Think up what you truly feel the need to do, big or small. Write it down. No pressure, no judgment. Just write. Feel the words as your pen presses to paper. Breathe them out, and breathe them right back in. Let them fill you up and offer you support.

We were born both from and into this universe. It has an affect on us, and we have one right back on it. Let's just fill everything with big, pure love. Fuck everything else; we don't need any of it.


Work These Days

I'm one month deep into a brand new yet strangely familiar job. New city. New faces. New vibe. New responsibilities. Yet that very same brand that will always be near and dear to my heart. Yes, the girl who said she'd never work in the corporate world again is back full time with Free Peeps. This time in the New York showroom. It's not the same as the job I knew. It sometimes makes me homesick for that Free People Philly life I lived for two crazy years. I miss the comfort of working right next to my best friends... having lunch with them… doing more work with them... and then going home just to hang out with them some more. But change is good and we mustn't remain attached to the past. I'm happy where I am and will (clearly) always always always cherish the memories of years past. I can't wait to see what's to come from here. And besides: I still get to have meetings with FP Jana… even if they are few and far between. <3

PS. I'm runnin' the 'gram now -- follow us!!!