It's what we all have in common. It's beautiful and tragic and real and surreal, all at once. Love yourself, and treat yourself well. Love others unconditionally. Realize that we are all part of the same thing. Pieces of a whole. We wouldn't be here without one another, and all we need each other to carry on. Strip everything down and realize that we're all here for this very reason. Love. Love the beauty of the natural world, and vow to always be in awe of it. Love the ability to feel, even if sometimes you'd rather not. Love for the sake of loving, and always remember to whisper those three words to the people, the places, and the things that make you feel it most.

Happiest Valentine's Day to you all. I love you.


That Good Good

I never ever ever ever would have thought I would be HAPPY to have tapeworms. But, when you spend over 3 years suffering with no clear answers... doing whatever the freak you can in your power to get better with no damn results... when you hear you have tapeworms, you are SO HAPP YOU WANT TO CRY. That's exactly what happened to me yesterday. I stumbled upon the best best best holistic doctor. I know for sure she was sent to me by my guardian angel up above (my momma). Y'all, if you are in the New York area and are suffering from any ailment whatsoever, go make an appointment this woman. Right this moment. I promise your life will be changed. And if you do happen to see her, let her know I referred you -- I think it will save both of us some dollas!! <3

It's all on the up up from here. This time I feel it for real.