Video: 2 Years in Philadelphia

In April 2012, I moved to Philadelphia, PA to start my new job as a blogger for Free People. 
I didn't know a single soul. In April 2014, t'was time for me to be moving on.

Here's what happened in between.

Every so often, I like to edit together all the footage I've collected over a certain period of time. With 2014 coming to a close, now seems the perfect time to debut this video of exactly two years in Philadelphia.

Two very full -- yet very quick -- years, where I changed so freaking much. I learned so much. Grew so much. Laughed so much. I was introduced to some of the most incredible people I've ever known. And, yes, there were some really really really really hard times. A lot of them. Times that tested my strength in ways I never thought imaginable. Times that pushed me to do a whole lot of growing. 

You won't see those times in this video, though. Not because I don't want to admit they existed -- to me, the harder times are represented in this video right next to the easier ones. The reason those times aren't evident to the outside eye is simply because I'd never let them wipe the smile from my face. No matter how hard life gets, you've got to keep going. You make the best of every situation, taking each as it comes, and knowing that it's all a learning experience. That's what life is. You have the choice to make it fun. Why choose anything but

April 2012 to April 2014 was one of the most hectic, intense, beautiful, fun chapters I've experienced thus far in this life. It brings me to the verge of tears when I think of how crucial this time period has been to my personal growth; how many wonderful memories were created. It changed me in so many ways, and I will be forever grateful for every single thing -- every single person -- it's given me. 

Damn. Thank you, Philly. You'll always feel like home to me.

**To view this in HD, head to Vimeo and watch there!**


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  2. Ah Brigette, this video is beautiful! It's rad to see other people's growth and who they've become over the years. It seems as though Philly gave you some wonderful memories. I know the world has got many more to offer you! Much much love xoxo

  3. This was so much fun to watch-you and jana are like sisters from another mother, lots of love in this video-I got a little teary! Feelin' the feels!

  4. This video was so awesome!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! It looks like your last two years have been filled with a ton of excitement, even if there were hard times intertwined, it's always best to remember the good!

  5. I imagine it must have been so heartwarming and nostalgic putting this video together. It's definitely something I want to try now (taking more videos of moments to look back on years later)


  6. Completely loved this Brigette. Laughed out loud and genuinely think I've woken a few people up in my house (it's 2am in England). Soulja Boy, what an absolute classic. I'm a University Student in England and can only hope that one day I'll be able to work for Free People. I'm heading to New York in January and I'm so excited to go to all the FreePeople stores haha as we don't have a proper one in England.
    I hope the next adventure in your life is every bit, if not more bountiful and wonderful as the last.
    Alexa x


  7. Exibit A: you are the most positive person I know.....and that is just one of the many reasons why i love you. xx

  8. My golly gosh. This is more than beautiful. Awh, Brigette, you are one lucky girl. That was one adventure...I hope to go on one similar to yours one day. Something filled with every emotion, mistakes and lessons. I'm so happy for you. *heart heart*


  9. Love the video, it's so refreshing to see it all in action!! Congrats on a beautiful 2 years! Happy New Year Bridgette!

  10. Love this!!! Your video-making skills are awesome!


  11. Such a beautiful video! There is so much warmth radiating throughout this video. Cheers to great video editing/filming skills!


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