Outside of Me

Am I really all the things that are outside of me? Would I complete myself without the things I like around?

These words, heard first by Animal Collective in 2009, form two questions that force us to shine the spotlight on our perceptions of our very own selves.

A concept that causes us to really think for a moment.

I call myself a "beauty collector." That, I say, is a term that describes a large part of me; a big piece of who I am. I'm constantly gathering little bits and pieces of things I find beautiful, and shifting and arranging them, putting them to use in any way I deem fit.

But... is beauty collecting who I am? Or is it, perhaps, solely what I do?

These two questions force us to go inside of ourselves. To realize that without everything that surrounds us, we are still ourselves. We still are.

These words are not to take meaning away from the activities we enjoy doing and the objects we love surrounding ourselves with... but rather to help us break down our attachments to these things. To allow them to be parts of our lives without actually defining who we are in our truest nature.

You don't need to be anything or anyone. You just need to be. And do you know what? You already are.


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