I recently spent a whole week making these 16 huge dreamcatchers to be sold on the Free People website. I was so excited for it. I was so excited to share this image with everyone as an announcement that they were on the site for all to see. I was proud.

But, I just received word that when they arrived at Free People's shipment center, every single one of them was broken. Every single one.

Every single dreamcatcher that I cut, and glued, and braided, and tied. I gave them names, I sung to them. I stayed up late and got up early and Snapchatted the living daylights out of them. And none of them made it through.

It always seems like just when life is giving you everything, it goes back and takes a huge chunk away.

Last week, someone broke into my car, and hardly stole anything... except for the brand new bottle of herbs that I was depending on to make my body finally heal after more than 3 years of whatever the ef has been going inside of it. Seriously. I was so excited to start taking them. The doctor is in Brooklyn and his office is only open a few times a week, so I've had to go this whole week without that bottle.

And as I write this post with tears in my eyes, I know it's all good. It's always been all good, and it will always be good. Things get hard, and often all at once. But we're strong enough to handle them, otherwise they wouldn't happen to us to begin with.

Instead of letting these things ruin my day, my week, my month... I'd rather keep going. Let's focus on the good things, and realize that these little things are not life or death. But you know what? Even if they were... it's still all good.

So yes, I will make those dreamcatchers again. I will make them even better, even more beautiful, and with even more intention as I do so. I will package them up like they're about to be launched into space. Transit won't have a shot against them. And as for the bottle of herbs that will be in my hands in just five short hours... well I will carry that thing with me wherever I go.

It's all good baby, baby. And if you don't know, now you know.


  1. I've always felt that when huge opportunites take a turn that means your on to something good. Its gonna make you want it even more.
    Awesome and inspiring post.

  2. They're so beautiful! So glad you got this picture of them! Stinks that they didn't make it through :(

    Ripped Jeans

  3. The dreamcatchers look absolutely beautiful.
    And as much as it maybe hurts that they're broken, possibly it happened for a reason? I mean, good it happened before they were send to a customer.. right? Keep your head up beautiful soul and enjoy your new herbs! :)

  4. It really makes me sad that so many bad things have happened to you. But you've got the right determination to not give up, which is incredibly inspiring for me! ☼

  5. It's so great to see that you have such a wonderful perspective, and even though what we tell ourselves is most important, it doesn't hurt to hear good things from others too. So, I'm telling you that you've got this, girl. Stay strong. Stay positive. Keep going. I can't wait to see the beautiful things you continue to create.


  6. Reading this inspired me more than a feel good song, wow. You are so powerful and you should be proud of how positive you can manage to be throughout a string of disheartening events. I hope things start looking up for you, you deserve the happiness.

  7. Been there done that sister, that was my last week. Now everything is fine again! :) :) :)

  8. Needed to read this. I don't think 'it's all good', but it's ok. Even when things really are not ok, it is what it is and it is ok to be with that.

    Wishing you lots of strength and creative energy to follow through your beautiful intentions

  9. This was just what I needed to read today.

  10. By sharing this you have helped others get through their own personal struggles! Your strength translates to strength for others. Thank you!

  11. I recently had a similar experience. But it was much smaller than yours (simply a glass vial). But I know you'll make more even more beautiful. I hope you enjoy your time making them.

  12. big hugs! it's all good baby, and it's gonna get BIGGER AND BETTER!

  13. Love you brigette!

  14. Oh Brigette I was just about to comment with how gorgeous these are and then I read the rest of your post. I'm so sorry to hear they all got broken! But something positive came out of it didn't it, you learnt to look at the situation in a different light. You had the choice to give up or keep going, and the option you picked says more about you than the situation you found yourself in.

    Much love,
    Erin x

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  16. Oh man, that completely sucks! They're so beautiful! Sometimes shit like that happens at the most inconvenient time. You have such an amazing outlook, this won't put you down!

  17. You've got such an amazing spirit and outlook on life. Do not let these things break you down. You are so talented, but it is also your strength that is beyond admirable. Everything is everything... its all good... keep ya head up

  18. Hi Brigette, I'm such a huge fan of your blogging work, both here on Hummusbird and on Free People. I always look forward to your decor posts; you have such a wonderful eye for beauty. I know you've said before that you use a Canon 60D, but I was wondering what Photoshop/ filters you use, if any? Sorry if this question makes no sense, I'm a camera rookie and don't know the terminology! Basically I'm wondering how you get the blurry/ aged/ Instagrammy look on your Canon pictures? I've been saving up for a camera, but don't want to blow all my money and not get the look I love in pictures. Sorry if I'm asking your to spill your tricks of the trade. I totally understand that your styling and natural eye is what makes your pictures so lovely... Just wondering what technology helps you along the way?


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