While I do appreciate the juxtaposition of old & new, there's just something about an outfit constructed entirely of vintage pieces. Something about it that I find fascinatingly beautiful. And that is this outfit right here. 

It's funny, too, when the pieces you end up loving the most are those that cost the least -- and often those that you weren't even too fond of in the beginning. I almost got rid of that velvet top right after I first bought it about 2 years ago. The keyhole made me feel like all I was ready to go clubbin'... or something that just really didn't suit me. But I ended up keeping it, and I'm so glad I did. The belt is something I just bought earlier this week. I second guessed it a bunch of times before I went for it, but let me tell you: I've found myself wearing it every single day since. 

The boots are a pair of old school Steve Maddens -- about 2 sizes too big for me -- but they are hands down my most complimented pair of shoes. Even with candle wax stains that I can't quite figure out to remove.

And how about that skirt? Oh, that skirt. A treat from my girl April at Thread & Roses. It's one of those maxis that flows so beautifully with every step you take. I'm in love. Since April is such a cool girl, she's offering you guys 10% off when you order from her shop with the code HUMMUSBIRD. Do it up, friends. She's a Portland babe with excellent taste.

Photos of me by Charlotte.


  1. Cat hair is a marvelous accessory for any outfit. An *entire* cat on the other hand...a necessity, obviously. I really do love this outfit. That skirt is fantastic, oh my butterfly.

  2. These photos are pure magic.


  3. Gorgeous! I am obsessing over your braids!

  4. I'm seriously in love with your blog and the way you depict beauty. It's glorious, you're glorious.


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