I recently spent a whole week making these 16 huge dreamcatchers to be sold on the Free People website. I was so excited for it. I was so excited to share this image with everyone as an announcement that they were on the site for all to see. I was proud.

But, I just received word that when they arrived at Free People's shipment center, every single one of them was broken. Every single one.

Every single dreamcatcher that I cut, and glued, and braided, and tied. I gave them names, I sung to them. I stayed up late and got up early and Snapchatted the living daylights out of them. And none of them made it through.

It always seems like just when life is giving you everything, it goes back and takes a huge chunk away.

Last week, someone broke into my car, and hardly stole anything... except for the brand new bottle of herbs that I was depending on to make my body finally heal after more than 3 years of whatever the ef has been going inside of it. Seriously. I was so excited to start taking them. The doctor is in Brooklyn and his office is only open a few times a week, so I've had to go this whole week without that bottle.

And as I write this post with tears in my eyes, I know it's all good. It's always been all good, and it will always be good. Things get hard, and often all at once. But we're strong enough to handle them, otherwise they wouldn't happen to us to begin with.

Instead of letting these things ruin my day, my week, my month... I'd rather keep going. Let's focus on the good things, and realize that these little things are not life or death. But you know what? Even if they were... it's still all good.

So yes, I will make those dreamcatchers again. I will make them even better, even more beautiful, and with even more intention as I do so. I will package them up like they're about to be launched into space. Transit won't have a shot against them. And as for the bottle of herbs that will be in my hands in just five short hours... well I will carry that thing with me wherever I go.

It's all good baby, baby. And if you don't know, now you know.

Ten Things

1. I just came across these photos taken on a semi-recent trip to Asheville. I'm just realizing now that I can't, for the life of me, name the month of said trip. Was it within the past year? It had to have been. Was it, though? I really have no idea.
2. I'm incredibly tired right now. My eyes are closing as we speak. But I really felt the urge to do a Ten Things post. And when the urge hits, you can't deny it.
3. These days I've really been hit with a wave of anticipatory excitement. I'll be making a new city my new home at some point in the coming months. I'm thinking before spring, but we shall see. And I do indeed have a city in mind, but we shall see about that, as well.
4. This weekend I'm headed back to Philly for the first time in several months. I still feel at home in that city, and I can't freaking wait to be surrounded by those loved ones of mine who inhabit it.
5. Have you guys ever tried Hail Merry's Chocolate Miracle Tart? Holy freaking oh my goodness. It is a pure piece of raw, vegan, gluten-free heaven. I fell in love with it after my first bite, and began experimenting with making my own the very next day. I think I nailed it on the first try. Promise I'll share the recipe soon.
6. I've been placing a ridiculous amount of online orders these days. A lot of them are for my shop, which makes it totally acceptable, but lately it seems there's been at least one package at the door with my name on it every day. Today there were three. It's like Christmas.
7. Last week I made the conscious decision to start cleaning up after myself right away -- instead of letting dishes/clothing/Etsy shop messes pile up around me for months before doing anything about them. I can't say it's been a total 180, but I'm getting there.
8. I keep finding ticks on my beloved baby cat, and I am not psyched about it.
8. Yesterday I decided to listen to Animal Collective for the first time in a whiiiiile. Yo, they're really good. I'm listening to them right now, actually. I really admire their ability to create such interesting layered sounds. There's no way I can describe the way it makes me feel other than... alive.
9. I wrote #10 before I wrote #9. So now I'm just going to leave #9 like this.
10. You're beautiful. JSYK.


Something New

Thank you dearly, Ms. Grucci, for showing me the joys of shooting RAW.

Still learning, y'all. No judgements just yet, por favor.


Natural Deodorant for All: Recipe & Giveaway - CLOSED

You guys probably already know that I have a **tHiNg*~** for natural beauty products. Chemicals are no bueno, and we do not want to be putting those things onto (and ultimately into) our precious bodies. Even if you can't get yourself to fully hop onto the natural beauty thing just yet, pleeease promise me this one thing: that you'll switch to natural deodorant.

I can’t act like I can give you the exact science behind why antiperspirants are bad – just hearing it come from Lilavati is enough for me. That woman is all-knowing. And, just think about it logically – your body is supposed to sweat. It’s a natural thing. If we physically restrain our glands from doing their job, I’d imagine we’re keeping toxins locked in our bodies instead of allowing them to be released through our skin.

Now, I’ve made a ton of beauty products in the past few years. Hair masks, facial cleansers, body scrubs, face mists, toothpaste, mouthwash… the list goes on. And I have to admit: I’ve never been able to make something that worked better than something I’ve bought elsewhere. Except for this deodorant.

I made my first version of this back in May, and I have used it every single day since. That’s 5 months. It WORKS. I seriously stand behind it, and I just want everyone in the world to use it! That’s why I decided to do this here giveaway.

Here’s the recipe:

¾ cups organic unrefined virgin coconut oil (room temperature works best)
1 cup mixture of natural baking soda & organic arrowroot flour
15-20 drops organic essential oil

To make, scoop coconut oil into a bowl, then add your mixture of baking soda and arrowroot flour – use ½ a cup of each for regular skin, or ¼ cup baking soda and ¾ cup arrowroot flour for sensitive skin, then mix well. (The baking soda can be irritating to some, so my advice is to use less of it to begin with, and figure out what works best for you.) The mixture should be well-combined, without any excess dry ingredients. If it’s too dry, add a bit more coconut oil. Then, add your essential oils – about 15 drops for sensitive skin, 20 for regular. The version I’m giving away uses bergamot oil, which is a gorgeously intoxicating scent – but you can use whatever you like!

Bergamot oil can become harmful if exposed to sunlight, so be sure to store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

If your skin isn’t used to using a natural deodorant, it may take a few weeks for your body to become accustomed to this. Please don’t give up on it. Use it a few times a day if you need. You’ll likely begin to sweat less and less – and, who knows? One day you may not even need deodorant at all!

**A huge thank you to everyone who suggested their recipes here. I gathered info from all of your recipes in order to land on this final recipe!**


I'm gifting a 2-ounce tin to 10 of you beautiful people. I don’t care if you live next door to me, or all the way around the world – this giveaway is open to EVERYONE. Just comment below telling me something beautiful you experienced today. Something you saw, heard, felt, thought… anything. Let’s spread that beauty everywhere! The winners will be chosen randomly, but you better believe I’ll be reading every single comment. :)

Make sure you include your email address so that I’ll have a way of contacting you!

I hope that the rest of you will make it on your own using this recipe… Or if you don’t feel like getting that into it, you can buy some from my Etsy shop!

Good luck my friends, and remember to keep this life beautiful.

This giveaway is now closed, and all winners have been notified. Thank you all so much for entering!



While I do appreciate the juxtaposition of old & new, there's just something about an outfit constructed entirely of vintage pieces. Something about it that I find fascinatingly beautiful. And that is this outfit right here. 

It's funny, too, when the pieces you end up loving the most are those that cost the least -- and often those that you weren't even too fond of in the beginning. I almost got rid of that velvet top right after I first bought it about 2 years ago. The keyhole made me feel like all I was ready to go clubbin'... or something that just really didn't suit me. But I ended up keeping it, and I'm so glad I did. The belt is something I just bought earlier this week. I second guessed it a bunch of times before I went for it, but let me tell you: I've found myself wearing it every single day since. 

The boots are a pair of old school Steve Maddens -- about 2 sizes too big for me -- but they are hands down my most complimented pair of shoes. Even with candle wax stains that I can't quite figure out to remove.

And how about that skirt? Oh, that skirt. A treat from my girl April at Thread & Roses. It's one of those maxis that flows so beautifully with every step you take. I'm in love. Since April is such a cool girl, she's offering you guys 10% off when you order from her shop with the code HUMMUSBIRD. Do it up, friends. She's a Portland babe with excellent taste.

Photos of me by Charlotte.


Sunday Vibes

Wishing you all the coolest of Sundays. Mine is pretttttty freaking chill. Well, aside from getting up mad early to support this one by taking her new classes at the gym this morning. Two hours straight of working my bod after sleeping 4 hours... It was awesome though, and so worth it.

Now I'm chilling in a sweatsuit, both feet up on the table, eating shitloads of celery, baby carrots, sunflower seed butter, dried cranberries, and goat cheese.

It's been a good day so far.

Maybe I'll put away some laundry later. Maybe I won't.

I hope your day is relaxed to the max. <3


We Became the Same.

This song says everything that any of us will ever need to know. Press play... and scroll through this post again.


I have just returned from an entire week on Maui with my two sisters and my younger sister's boyfriend. That place is so full of beauty. More photos to come. :)