San Sebastián

On trips, as in life, you can plan as much as you like. You can plan where you'll go, what you'll do, who you'll meet, what you eat. You can plan for things to go according to plan, or you can plan for things to do no such thing. On this particular day, though, there was no way we could have planned to approach a huge speaker blasting dance music as we were leaving the beach. There was no way we could have planned for all three of us, without even a word, to simultaneously burst out into dance, to sway with that music at once... under the sun, huge smiles on our faces. There was no way we could have planned for that crowd to form, either. These are the things that breathe pure life into every experience. The things you plan for may happen... or they may not. That's not the stuff that's truly going to make its mark on you.

Photos of me by Erik and Gretchen.


  1. What a stunning gallery of photos !! l o v e.

  2. I am LOVING your photos lately! You look amazing.

  3. Omg love those GIFS! haha so cool. Love these shots - looks stunning! x

  4. soooo fine!

  5. These are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I love what you wrote sooooooooooooo much.

  6. Beautiful photos.
    Sidebar: I imagine it's really hard to travel with your dietary restrictions. Would love to hear how you cope!

    1. Thanks girrrl! My coping method is: fruit & nuts & fruit & nuts, and to take note of any supermarket I can find, hahaa. I eat meat and vegetables, so it's not *too* hard to find something on a menu that works for me -- just a couple alterations... and the mindset that if I slip up (whether accidentally or out of desperation), I might feel like ish for a little bit, but it's okay, and I'll be okay.

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  8. where the heck is that amazing set from? I must have it


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