A good photographer has to have the somewhat innate ability to recognize what's aesthetically pleasing, and then alter his or her own perspective as well as everything about his or her subject, in order to create something that comes across as such. I am not a natural in front of a lens. Joel Henderson, on the other hand, is a freaking magician behind it.

The first two photos above were taken with his phone. HIS PHONE.


  1. It's crazy how some people are specifically good at photographing specific subjects (like people), too; I dream of finding someone someday who makes me feel comfortable on the other side of the lens.

    Also, completely unrelated, but that last photo just reminded my of the semi-rooftop "porch" on my old apartment in Philly and I instantly became insanely nostalgic.

  2. Holy smokes, he must have one hell of a phone. Jealous.


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