Ten Things

1. It's hard to explain why certain songs take a hold of me, but right now it's this one above. It has no real relevance to my life at this time, but I just can't stop listening.
2. That bathing suit top you see there? I'm in love with it. Except it's a bra. Haven't been able to take it off. $6. Looks like it's sold out, though. Sorry, boos.
3. I didn't really eat that veggie burger. It was made up of way too many things I can't consume, plus I can't have bread either. So I took a bite and then spit it out for picture purposes. Instead, I just ate a real burger. No bun. Actually, it was a burger and a half.
4. I just booked an appointment with an incredible natural doctor in Brooklyn (as recommended by this beauty), and it could not come soon enough. He's going to heal me with a quartz crystal, some acupuncture needles, and a concoction of herbs. I just know he is. Never have I been so excited to see a doctor in my life.
4. Today, I went to the craft store to get a FEW things for my shop. I slightly cringed when I saw the total come to $100, and the cashier -- taking note of this -- instantly grabbed a 20% off coupon so I'd only have to pay $80. "Every little bit helps," she said. That made my damn day.
5. Six days until I get to make use of my passport for the first time in 2 and a half years. PSYCHED.
6. Sometimes I get freaked out when I think about the fact that everyone I know is doing something totally different at this very moment. Like, did you ever think about what your 4th grade teacher is doing right now? It could be anything. Naturally, it's so easy for me to get caught up in my own little world -- as I believe is true for many -- and I think it's a really healthy thing to take a step back whenever we can and be like, wait. Let's think about other people and their lives for a moment. It's a helpful way to gain a bit of perspective. 
7. Yesterday, I kissed a tree. Sometimes I kiss my arms or knees, too -- especially after a workout. I always feel a liiiittle weird doing it, but I want to change that. I think gratitude may just be one of the very first steps toward enlightenment... and I sure am trynna get there.
8. If I could realistically hire someone to massage my head and play with my hair at all times, I honestly think I would. It's the best.
9. Text messages are starting to annoy me. Face-to-face interactions are just so much better.
10. Currently craving: raw cookie dough.

Photos by Gretchen.


  1. love you and that you're always eatin like a sangwichhh


  2. super list of 10
    p.s I hug trees, a lot.

  3. That bra is the cutest things ever!
    Also, your ten things list makes me happy every time I read them. :D

  4. You the best boo!



  5. 1. i play songs on repeat until i get sick of them.
    4. i never feel guilty of spending tons of money on crafts and books.
    7. when i can reach, i always kiss my booboos :) and i kiss my tattoos.
    8. If I could realistically hire someone to massage my head and play with my hair at all times, I honestly think I would. It's the best. ME TOO!
    10. you could make some nearly-raw vegan cookie dough! sooo easy and yum. process 1 cup cashews, 1 cup dates and 1/2 cups oatmeal. add maple syrup to sweeten and some vegan chocolate chips. roll into little balls or eat with a spoon!


  6. oh the craft store... always gets me too! xo


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