Wall, Girl.

Two of my favorite moments from yesterday. The perfect girl to shoot against this perfect wall. More where these came from. Patience, my friends.

Shoutout to the babe.


Ten Things

1. When I was in high school, I once looked at the split ends of my hair under a microscope. The image has never left my mind, and I get the urge to do it again at least once a year.
2.Today I shot this beauty for a Free People blog post, and I am beyond psyched with how the photos came out. I'm never this psyched. This is big.
3. This is the second week in a row that I've still been in my workout clothes while doing my "Ten Things" feature. I should take a shower.
4. I'd so much rather take a long dip in a secluded stream than a long walk on a beach.
5. HUGE thank you to this girl for sharing this recipe for focaccia bread that's totally fine for those fighting candida. I've made it the past two days in a row, and don't see myself stopping anytime soon.
6. This past weekend, we hosted a gigantic birthday party for my grandma. Being surrounded by such incredible people whom I'm lucky enough to call my relatives was nothing short of beautiful.
7. The most useless talent I have is the ability to recite the alphabet backwards. Very quickly. Taught it to myself in 3rd grade one night when I couldn't fall asleep.
8. In my mind, I live in a dreamworld, and I'm always trying to alter my physical world to resemble it. That dreamworld looks and feels something like this.
9. I keep having dreams where I catch myself unknowingly eating chips. Oh, how I miss chips.
10. Still want pizza. Ugh.

Photos by Gretch.


July the 4th be With You: A Photo Diary

4th of July weekend was an incredible time. Even whilst abstaining from alcohol and cheeseburgers. Those few days may've just made my entire summer.

Shouts to Jana, Andy, and Rach for the photos I'm in.


Ten Things

1. I'm on day 18 of my personal candida cleanse, and feeling really optimistic about it. I anticipate this will be no shorter than a 6-month journey, but I'm so psyched to be on my way. I'm finally going to get better, and it's going to be freaking amazing.
2. Re: #1, I haven't had one sip of alcohol this entire time, and I don't plan on it. That includes this past 4th of July, which was such a blast. I'm actually loving not drinking. Might keep this going for the rest of my life.
3. I'm wearing my workout clothes in the photos above. Still have them on right now. I should take a shower.
4. I've been listening to SZA radio on Pandora/Spotify non-stop. That means SZA, Banks, The Weekend, James Blake, etc. Such a good crew.
5. I'm fleeing the country in 33 days with two awesome sidekicks. More on that later.
6. Technology is the number one cause of stress and frustration in my life. I should update my computer and get a new phone. And do less things with technology.
7. I've lost ten pounds and gained a shitload of muscle since moving back here in May. I have this one to thank for most of that. Along with my new carb-less diet. But mostly the former.
8. I often find myself clenching my teeth when I'm doing something that requires concentration, but I've been catching myself and making a constant effort to ease the tension. Stress-free is the way to be.
9. To go partially blonde or to not go partially blonde? That has been the recurring question lately.
10. I want pizza. Damnit.

Photos by Charlotte.



There's something so appealing to me about anything that's raw; unedited; in its original form. It's like a rare peek behind the scenes in today's world, where we're constantly putting things out there for the world to see -- but never without first carefully selecting, curating, and altering.

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