What a Life

I can not... like, can not... stop listening to Jhene Aiko. It's to the point where she's on repeat all day, every day. I'm keeping my Spotify on private session. Her words are really calming and true. Her vibe is just what I've been needing. She seems to have a beautiful soul. I'm especially loving this song, which is the origin of the quote above. The part where it changes into what seems like an entirely different song, ugh. It's the best. Keep sailing out, gurl. You're inspiring me again and again.


  1. Great song!!! I think you might like Rhye's album, Woman. It's perfect for a quiet afternoon... open windows, light warm breeze, rays of sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees & the scent of summer flowers...

  2. Beautiful! will go and have a listen.


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