Snapshots of the past month of my life, as told through Free People blog post images taken out of context. It's been very bright, a little lonely, full of creativity, saturated with nature, incredibly chill, relatively productive, and touched with lots and lots uncertainty. It's been exactly what I needed. I feel it inside of me. There's nowhere else for  me to be at this very moment.


  1. How beautiful. I really do enjoy being a little lonely, it really makes space for creativity.
    I wonder if you edit your pictures in a certain way? They always look so dreamy and beautiful.
    Have a fantastic day,

    1. Thanks love! I go through phases with how I edit... lately it's been upping the contrast, upping the brightness, and then lowering the saturation. That's pretty much it! Sometimes I add some noise to make it look older, or a little fill lighting here and there to highlight an area of interest. I don't really do too much with color, gradients, or other filters -- probably because I just don't know enough about it. Haha!

  2. I adore seeing the things you are up to, thanks for sharing the morning inspiration :)

  3. the way you capture quiet moments is so breathtaking.
    rebecca at trbcca.com


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