Having an Etsy shop has been a mini dream of mine for a few years. I wanted to start one back when I was at Free People full time, but there was absolutely no chance for me to do so if I also wanted to maintain any kind of social life -- and I wouldn't have traded that social life for anything. Now is the perfect time for this to actually happen, and I'm so excited to say that I expect it to be open VERY SOON. My goal was to open with 16 items, and I think that's exactly what I have ready at the moment. Not a huge amount of inventory, but a fun selection. Now all I have to do is get all the photos shot and everything uploaded to my shop. Very soon. I honestly don't expect this to be a huge success -- not now, maybe not ever. I just love creating, and this is a way to share my creations with people who may not have the same forte. If nothing sells, I can't say I'll be too upset. It makes me so happy to be creating and curating, and that's really the most important thing right now.


  1. so excited to see what you have in store! you have the prettiest aesthetic.
    Rebecca @ trbcca.com

  2. Looking forward to seeing your new creations. You never know where this new journey will take you.

  3. Fun! Curious to see what you come up with, it looks promising :)

  4. Yay For You! Your Dreaming is Happening! Looking forward to your Etsy!


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