Having an Etsy shop has been a mini dream of mine for a few years. I wanted to start one back when I was at Free People full time, but there was absolutely no chance for me to do so if I also wanted to maintain any kind of social life -- and I wouldn't have traded that social life for anything. Now is the perfect time for this to actually happen, and I'm so excited to say that I expect it to be open VERY SOON. My goal was to open with 16 items, and I think that's exactly what I have ready at the moment. Not a huge amount of inventory, but a fun selection. Now all I have to do is get all the photos shot and everything uploaded to my shop. Very soon. I honestly don't expect this to be a huge success -- not now, maybe not ever. I just love creating, and this is a way to share my creations with people who may not have the same forte. If nothing sells, I can't say I'll be too upset. It makes me so happy to be creating and curating, and that's really the most important thing right now.


the arboretum

Yesterday my sister Charlotte and I went to an arboretum to shoot some photos for a Free People post. It was everything we could have asked for. Hardly anyone was there. The weather was perfect. It was just... so... pleasant. This was our mom's absolute favorite place, and we couldn't help but think of her the entire time... imagining her walking around with us, being silly, making jokes, pointing out different flowers that she loved. She was the most modest yet incredible gardener. Char and I are realizing that as we get older, we find ourselves really appreciating the things our mom loved so dearly, more and more. The beauty of all things natural being at the absolute top. It sucks that we don't have her here to outwardly share our love for nature, but she's here. And we know she knows. <3

Photos of me by Charlotte.


'burb life

Just thrifted this little piece of oriental heaven. I sure have missed thrifting in the suburbs. Might as well call me Hummusburb now.

Wait, don't.


because of you

I wanted you, I got you. Just like that, it seemed. You were a dream come true. My dream come true. I moved to a brand new city for you. I had to. I wanted to. Wide-eyed and ready, but scared out of my mind. Because of you, I got my very first apartment. A tiny little space that I couldn’t keep clean for the life of me. And then I got a cat. That furry little ball of love who quickly became my world. I learned how to edit a photo because of you. And edit and edit and edit I did. Videos, too, and words, as well. So many, so many, so many words. I went to California for you, and Chicago, too. I freaked out in the rain with a dead cell phone in my hand and thousands of dollars of unprotected electronics in my bag. I drove to Maine because of you. And then to Vermont. With no cell phone service and tears in my eyes. Yes, I cried because of you, and stressed the fuck out because you... but I also laughed because of you, every single day. I got acupuncture because of you. Then I tried Reiki. Ayurveda. Access Bars. Ever so slightly my world evolved into a totally different place. All because of you. Because of you I made my own beauty products. I learned so many benefits of so many foods, herbs, and oils. More than I can ever try to recall. More than I may ever even want to. I fell in love because of you. A love that showed me feelings I never knew existed. I fell in love because of you, and then, one day, back out of it. But within that short span were some of the sweetest memories I’ve ever made. Ones I’ll hold with me forever. I met some of the best people in the entire world because of you. People I connect with in ways I’ve never before experienced. People who’ve taught me more than I’d ever have dreamt of being taught. Who’ve changed the way I look at so many things. People who’ve changed my entire life. People who I’ll keep in this life of mine forever.

Free People, you’ve given me so much. More than I ever could have imagined on that day. The day I sent you that stupid little video. The video that ended up changing the course of my entire life. Free People, I thank you for every little thing. Every terribly beautiful thing… right alongside every beautifully terrible thing. The time has come for me to move on, but you better believe I’m going with grace. With a smile on my face and love in my heart. I can’t wait to find out what’s next.