ten-thing tuesday

1. I used to be terrified of dogs.
2. Today I made vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream. Actually the chocolate chips might not have been vegan.
3. Using natural deodorant sucks. Help.
4. I'm eating hummus right now.
5. I sometimes talk to myself, out loud, in a British accent.
6. I'm probably one of the messiest people you'll ever come to know.
7. When I clean, though, I go buck wild.
8. In three days, my entire life is going to shift. I'm excited.
9. I listen to way more pop R&B that I really care to admit. Usually, I do it on private session.
10. I scored "Not Basic At All" on Buzzfeed's How Basic Are You? quiz. I was relieved.

And you?

Photo by Jana.  


  1. What is happening in three days? I saw a mention like this in a previous post but with more days. I'm on the edge of my seat - please share :)

  2. Love this idea, I used to be terrified of dogs too!

  3. If you find a solution to natural deodorant, please share because I just couldn't do it. I can't take the sweating.

  4. No answer for you on the deodorant thing, but just wanted to say that I feel ya. I have a hard time finding commercial deodorants that work - natural ones, as much as I wanted them to, just didn't do anything for me. :( It's frustrating!!

    I'm a new follower of yours! LOVE your space!
    Love & light,

  5. i've really enjoyed your blogging at free people & i'm so excited to see what you'll be up to next! good luck in yr future endeavors / adventures & make sure to congratulate yrself for taking such a big leap xx

  6. Ooh what's going on in three days, sounds exciting! I am still terrified of dogsxx

  7. It depends what is in your deodorant! I make my own and have been very successful! Sorry I can't give exact amounts because I just don't work that way...but I combine coconut oil, arrowroot powder, cornstarch and baking soda with a few drops of lavender e.o. and tea tree until it is a pasty consistency. I am a waitress and have put this stuff to the test...no b.o. here :)

  8. I'm glad I'm not alone in the whole 'messiest person ever' thing... ;)

  9. before converting i used to religiously use dove (because it felt like a silky dream) -or- clinical strength secret deodorant. but in fear of my health I converted about six months ago and finally found a combination that works: I really like to post showering use a small amount of coconut oil, or organic raw shea butter to moisturize,and then apply 'fat and the moon' natural deodorant. this works much better than other types I've tried but it's really hard to adjust to not using antiperspirant.

  10. 4 words for you: soap walla deoderant cream! life-changing. no b.o. whatsoever, and the ingredients are as pure as they get.

    and good luck with your new changes! excited to find out what is in store!

  11. babbbe!! just read your fp post!! made me emotional ehhehe!

    i can't wait to see you in NY...long islannnnnddddd x


  12. This "healthy" deoderant changed my life: http://www.lavanila.com/The-Healthy-Deodorant-Vanilla-Lavender-2oz_p_51.html

  13. Came here from the Free People blog to check out your page. Love it!

  14. Hey! Regarding your deodorant situation.... I've tried a lot of different options and my favorite one is this recipe my SIL gave me. I was skeptical because it is kind of gritty but my brother is 200 lbs and sweats a LOT and he swears by it. Now I do, too. Here's the link - http://wellnessmama.com/1523/how-to-make-natural-deodorant/ and it's the first recipe, the one with shea butter. I add lavender oil. But if you are not in the mood to make your own I have also tried Tom's of Maine (my fave scent is Beautiful Earth) and Primal Pit Paste works awesome too. Hope these help! You are so inspirational, keep on postin' gf.

  15. I read this post a WAY while back, and am just now getting around to creating a ten-thing-tuesday of my own... Thank you for the idea/continuous inspiration! xx



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