ten-thing tuesday

1. I woke up thinking it was Friday. To my surprise, it totally wasn't.
2. I'm obsessed with crop tops these days.
3. In exactly 17 days, I will officially become a hustler. More on that later.
4. Sometimes I miss having my bellybutton pierced. Sometimes.
5. The day I smell that springtime scent wafting through my house will be a very happy day. It's coming. I can feel it.
6. I'm no longer washing my hair with Dr. Bronner's, but I can assure you it's much more natural than that ish I used to use.
7. I used to have this autographed picture of Melissa Joan Hart. I remember bringing it to school with me in first grade, and kissing it repeatedly while I sat at my desk. That might have been my very first attempt at "bragging."
8. I will forever be in an internal struggle about whether the comma goes inside the quotation marks, or out.
9. I want to actively start judging less. All-around. There's no need for it.
10. I hardly even eat tortilla chips anymore.

Photos by Jana.


  1. Ha, number 10 makes me laugh! I wish I could claim the same! Looking gorgeous honey. Love your list! Welcome to the life of a hustler. That's what we do here in America apparently. Looking forward to hearing more -- and good luck!
    PS: I'm obsessed with crop tops as well.


  2. Do you though? Do you really hardly eat tortilla chips anymore? I guess it's more rice cakes now, huh?

    1. I had some last night, a few hours after writing this. Jkirn brought them home, though. I couldn't not.

  3. I know what you mean about that spring smell, it's lovely! The crop top is so cute tooxx

  4. I miss having my bellybutton pierced.... until I want to wear pants that actually sit at my natural waist and/or anything higher waisted. Ouch.


  5. Forever on the path to stop judging. I truly feel you on that daily thought/struggle.

  6. Comma goes inside the quotes in America, outside the quotes in the UK. So its more of an internal struggle of whether you want to be British or not.

  7. where did you get your flower crop top?!

  8. My struggle will forever be the period within or after the parentheses.
    Your hair is magic.



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