pretty things

Dried herbs, floral blow dryers, and beautiful clothes. What's better than being around pretty things? In life, you'll always be subjected to things that don't appeal to your eyes. Take it upon yourself to surround yourself with beauty. And, when it's not possible to surround yourself with things that are beautiful, focus your attention on what's there that already is.


  1. Ahhh all so beautiful. You are lucky to have a job where you are surrounded by such things.

    xo, Juliette Laura

  2. I know you let us into your life quite a bit. But you have no idea how much inspiration i take from you. I'd love if you did a room tour type thing. Or just show your favorite parts of your room

  3. Such beautiful photographs! I adore your outfit - and your spoons! haha

  4. Where did you get the black blouse and necklace from?


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