Yo. Tooootally forgot I had a blog. Just joshing.

But, guess what? I'm freaking burnt out. Are you burnt out? I feel like everyone is burnt out. Having a job is not easy. Living a life is not easy. Being 25 is not easy. But I guess it's not supposed to be. Life is weird.

I love my life. I really, seriously do. I love everyone in it. I have very much enjoyment. I wake up happy and I laugh every day, so many times a day. But I'm burnt out right now, and I have been for a few months. And it stinks.

I wanted to share some photos I've taken over the past month. If you read the Free People blog, you may have seen them, but here, I'm posting them in a different light. I'm not posting them to tell you how to make a beauty product or to list the benefits of a certain food or to give ideas about styling a piece of clothing.

I want us all to be able to look at these images for exactly what they are. Captured moments of beauty; snippits in time... with no real purpose other than to make us feel good when we look at them.

Sometimes, I wish my mind would stop moving so fast; that I could just sit back and admire everything that's around me. Like, really, truly admire it. To stop thinking and just feel.


  1. Beautifully written.

  2. I'm in a burnt out state of mind at the moment too and I haven't been able to get out of it...and I agree, life is weird.

  3. Burnt out doesn't begin to describe it lately. And I feel like just as I am beginning to resurface... here comes the holidays. EEEEEk.

    Love the snaps.

    <3 dani

  4. Life is weird, and these photographs are gorgeous. 25 was tough for me too, but everything is going to be ok.
    Love your blog -- brought a smile to my day to see a new post from you. Hang in dear one!

  5. So burnt out over here I am just having time to check out this post, but I always love your posts on the FP blog. You are doing beautiful things m'dear!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  6. these images are beautiful.
    I'm feeling burnt out too. Things are changing too fast, and although I'm keeping up as well as I can, I feel like I don't get to enjoy each moment like I should. Hope this all gets better!

  7. You're right, these pictures are great just on their own! I love the way you capture beauty in everyday things. Being burnt out is hard, it usually happens to me when things feel stagnant. Maybe take a trip or try something new! That always helps me.



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