Since Jana and I blog together for work, we're constantly taking photos of one another. And we all know that for every good shot comes 48 horrible ones. Our outtakes always have me cracking the freak up. So today I wanted to share some. See three of my recent faves above -- with some little added extras by me. Well, the middle photo I actually really like. But how about that stance in the first one? And I don't even want to talk about the face I'm making in the bottom one. Like, who do I think I am?

Photos by Jana.



I went swimming today! By "swimming" I mean that Jana and I had a maximum of 24 minutes at a pool club to use up an entire roll of a disposable underwater camera in order to get some cool shots for a blog post for work. A rushed excursion, but a good one nonetheless. I'm just excited that I've already been underwater this summer. Even if it was only for 6 minutes.

Photos by Jana.


the bench

As soon as I began decorating this bedroom, I knew I wanted a bench along the main wall opposite my bed. There was the perfect space for it. It needed to be done. A few weekends ago I took my first trip to Provenance, a salvage warehouse near my hood in Philly. This place is like a jackpot. An expensive jackpot, but a jackpot nonetheless. It's filled with old doors and mirrors and windows and antlers and lots of wood. I spotted a natural-edged slab of wood and it was all over. $110 later, the thing sat in my minivan for probably 3 entire weeks before I summoned some lovely dudes to bring it into my house for me. Thanks, boys. I plopped it on top of two Ikea step ladders (which were a borderline nightmare to construct), and so came about the bench! Or table, or shelf, as it may be. I'm psyched on it. I'm pretty psyched on my room in general, actually. It's certainly my favorite bedroom I've inhabited so far. Great light, decent space, wooden floors, and the prime selects of all the decor decor pieces I've collected over the past 3 years. It's hard to believe that I've really only been into decorating for 3 years. I don't know what sparked it, but I'm now totally consumed by decorating (as I'm sure you all know), and I wouldn't have it any other way.

meanwhile, at work...

Just doing some light exercises.

Photo by Jana.



Last weekend on a Sunday excursion, I made a pit stop with Dylana and Cheryl at their house. To my complete enjoyment, I found their background in a state of lush overgrown magic. Immediately I jumped in and requested an impromptu photo shoot. Nothing gets me more than overgrown plant life. I felt like I was in the secret garden.

Photos of me by Dylana.


nothing better

Why is nature SO beautiful? There is nothing prettier than that which occurs in nature. Nothing even comes close. The other day I was noticing how beautiful the Philly sky was as I was driving home.. and then I looked down at the street, and the buildings, and the cars, and the light fixtures, and the signs, and all I wanted was for all of it to disappear; for it to be just us and nature. I feel that way often.


beach decor: a change of heart

I’ve never been a huge fan of beach d├ęcor. To be honest, I actually despise it. But recently I’ve been realizing that it doesn’t always have to be so hideous. Here’s a little glimpse of what I’m working on at work today. Creating something cool out of these beachy elements. Check the BLDG 25 blog tomorrow to see what I’m making!!