one full year. one full day.

Finally a weekend in Philly! Between weddings and sad things and holidays and Coachella, I've barely spent a weekend here in MONTHS. But this weekend I'm here and I ain't got nothing to do. It feels awesome. Yesterday was quite the eventful afternoon and evening with these babes you see above. We did some vintage warehouse shopping and then a lot of eating, drinking, and bouncing around from place to place.

Yesterday marked my one-year anniversary of living in this city, which is insane. My life has changed so so so much in the 365 days leading up to yesterday. The people, city, and job that were entirely new to me a year ago have become my friends, my home, my life. I'm so grateful for everyone in my life -- you've all gotten me to where I am right this very moment.


  1. These pictures are so awesome! I'd love for an opprotunity to travel like that and just start fresh. I've been dealing with some sad things too lately but I'm getting by!
    xoox Debby

  2. very cool photos. you all look gorgeous! =)

  3. Happy one year! Great photos.


  4. Lovely pictures! I'm actually coming up on my 1-year anniversary in Philly too!
    And I understand if you don't want to give away your secret, but I must ask, where is that vintage warehouse?!


    1. Haha! It's called Bulk Vintage, in Fishtown. DON'T TELL ANYONE :)

      And happy Philliversary!

  5. I absolutely love these photos! Congratulations on Philly livin' for a year!

    Juliette Laura

  6. When I attended the FP blogger retreat, my one goal was to visit the vintage warehouse but it was closed - so sad! I guess next time I am in Philly! What did you get ? post pls :)


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