in life...

...Sometimes bad things happen. Like, so bad that you can't even comprehend why things like that would ever happen. To anyone. Because it's just not fair. For anyone. I have experienced a good amount of these things with my family, but the beautiful part is exactly that. These experiences have all been with my family. I feel so incredibly blessed for the family I've been given. They are the most loving, caring, kind, supportive, strong people I have ever known, and everything that happens to us, happens to all of us. Together. I'm so thankful for them every single gosh darn day.


  1. What a beautiful post! I myself feel the same way about my family!

    -Jacqui, burgundywhispers.com

  2. Truly obsessed with your blog. This is the second time I am reading this post and I love all of these photos. Your life looks like an adventure!
    xoxo Debby



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