that perfect camera bag

You know that perfect camera bag? The one you've been searching for, for months and months -- or maybe even years? The one that is the perfect mix of fashion and function? That holds and protects all your camera gear and THEN some... and still looks like you'd want to complete your outfit with it even if you didn't own a camera?

I found that camera bag.

It's a beautiful, vintage-looking (yet brand new), handmade brown leather bag with hand-sewn removable foam inserts that can be moved around to your liking. This bag is big enough to fit my Canon 60D with 50 mm lens, plus my water bottle, full-sized wallet, change purse, makeup case, sunglasses, phone, and whatever else I feel like throwing in there -- but it's small enough not to be a nuisance. I can carry it around all day as I walk around the city (whether New York or Philly), and it doesn't hurt my little shoulder one bit. And it's so well made. Also, it was $119. That is DAMN cheap for something this amazing.

You might be sitting there a little upset, wishing that you could have had the luck to find this bag. But, you guys, there's more where that came from. Here's THE BAG from LeftoverStudio on Etsy.

I know I'm being incredibly salesly right now. I know it sounds like I'm probably WORKING for this darn guy, but the truth is I just really love this bag. And I want the rest of you to be able to experience the magic of it.

Seriously. Two weeks after ordering this bag, I noticed that it hadn't yet shipped, so I contacted the seller... and he responded with the best answer possible. He explained that he was not getting enough sun due to the cold and fog in Delhi -- yes, Delhi -- and that he needs bright sun to season the bag when he oils it. He gave a few details and then ended on a note that shut me up for good: "I would rather send a bag a couple of days late than send something that is not up to the mark."

I couldn't have agreed more.


every day

Every day remember to look for beauty. Be on the hunt, wherever you go. Look up, look down, look inside. Just look. Look with a new perspective; one where what you see and feel isn't clouded by what you think. Beauty is all around you.


in life...

...Sometimes bad things happen. Like, so bad that you can't even comprehend why things like that would ever happen. To anyone. Because it's just not fair. For anyone. I have experienced a good amount of these things with my family, but the beautiful part is exactly that. These experiences have all been with my family. I feel so incredibly blessed for the family I've been given. They are the most loving, caring, kind, supportive, strong people I have ever known, and everything that happens to us, happens to all of us. Together. I'm so thankful for them every single gosh darn day.


floral everything

Lately I've had flowers on the brain. They're some of nature's most gorgeous creations and they represent undeniably positive ideas like life, beauty, and optimism. Yesterday I went on a little Saturday shopping trip with my friends and ended up acquiring more floral items than not. A little floral tea length tank dress, some vintage drinking classes with floral detail, a flower-shaped ceramic bowl, and a pretty bunch of flowers to split up between my apartment and my desk at work. Material things are not what the world's about, but sometimes (a lot of times) it feels nice to bring some fun new items into your life.


in the stairway

Gretchen, Jon and I found ourselves amidst some gorgeous light in the stairway at my dad's house on Long Island this afternoon. It was too beautiful not to document. We also found ourselves playing a little bit of trumpet. Photos of me by Jon -- kid has no idea how good of a photographer he is.