playing with flowers

Part of what I do at work requires me to use the graphics you see all over the Free People website -- like the pretty little flowers and gorgeous doodles that are on the homepage right now. I get to stare in awe at the raw Photoshop files and wonder how all of those layers have come together to make whatever brilliant masterpiece I'm looking at. Every day I am absolutely blown away by the work done by our graphic design team. I have no idea how they do it, but I'm so incredibly inspired by it.

This little thing you see above was totally inspired by this month's Free People graphics. A few weeks ago I pressed some flowers for this DIY, and now I have a bunch of them just sitting at my desk -- so I scanned them, put them in Photoshop, played around for a little, and came up with whatever it is you're looking at up there. 

The photo is of my little Ollie smelling some flowers on my kitchen table. I don't think I've ever really done a mixed media piece before (does this even count as mixed media?), but it was so much fun. I love creating things that don't necessarily make sense or have a purpose. And it's rare that I have a chance to do it -- actually, it's rare that I MAKE a chance for myself to do it. I want to start devoting more time to being creative, instead of only doing so whenever I have a spare moment. Just as time must be allotted for eating food and doing laundry, time must be allotted for creativity. After all, it's one of my biggest values in life. You might even say I live for it.


  1. That's really pretty. I never thought of scanning pressed flowers before, might have to try that! Must be really fun having all those files at your fingertips, so much potential!

  2. Agreed, you gotta set aside creative time for sure. I have been unemployed for awhile and I am about to start a full time job and I am really going to miss all my free art time.

  3. I'd have to say that creativity is my life too!! I can't go a day without creating something and if I do I feel I lost a day in the world of creativeness!!


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