pizza & funfetti

On New Year's Day, I hit my quarter-century mark. Yes, kids. This girl turned 25 years old. Since this is the first time I've lived this far from my family, it was a bit of a different birthday this year. Instead of spending the whole day hanging out with them, it was just a few hours and then I was off to Philly, but it was a great birthday nonetheless. All the important parts were there: my wonderful family (+ a few additions who fall into the same category), Little Vincent's pizza, and a Funfetti cake in the shape of a clown. An excellent ending to my first quarter-century and the perfect start to my second.


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  2. so happy i found your blog! found it through colour me nana. she's so inspirational! i love your photos to. following! xxx www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk


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