south street

Vintage jacket, Obey cardigan, Daydreamer LA shirt, Forever 21 skirt, vintage necklaces, vintage boots, vintage purse

Went on a little mission this weekend to find some crystals with my girl K.Boggs. And find crystals, we did. Who knew there was a place called Mineralistic on South Street? Nevermind how the actual shop was, that name RULES. I now have three crystals in my possession, and my hands smell of sulfur. Not sure if the two are related.

Also, I'm a little bit completely obsessed with this skirt. The shape is perfect. The fit is perfect. The color is perfect. The zipper is totally imperfect, but I don't mind taking 20 minutes to zip something up if it's this cute. That sweater, too. I'm in love. The gorgeous brown color with a little hint of mustard is killin' me. Forever 21 & the UO sale section are sometimes the equivalent of a gold mine.

Photos by Kristina Boggs.


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