Homemade Makeup Brush Cleaner

Don't let your brushes go half a year without cleaning them (like I do). It's not fair to your brushes and it's not fair to your lovely skin!

Just mix up some of these:
Distilled water
Rubbing alcohol
Castile soap
Natural shampoo
Natural conditioner

I don't think the amount is extremely important, just emphasize the water and alcohol, and use less on the rest. Do what feels right.

Swirl your brushes around in the mixture a few times and then rinse them off, trying not to get the metal part of your brush wet. Dry them face down in a glass on top of some paper towels for a few hours. Then lay them flat on a towel for another few hours. Then just use a hairdryer because you're impatient.

I found this recipe somewhere online and read that it was one of the best concoctions some people had ever tried. I honestly was so surprised at how well this cleaned my brushes the first time I tried it. It'll have them looking as fresh as new and softer than ever! I bet you could use witch hazel instead of rubbing alcohol, too.

Do you guys clean your makeup brushes? What do you use? Lemme hear it!

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