woods life

Heck yes to cabins and generous new friends. Heck yes to road trips and color-changing leaves. Heck yes to building campfires and climbing tree houses that aren't ours. To washing dishes with creek water and hiking in the woods. To pumpkin beers, to homemade chili, to outhouses, to fly swatters. To three-way thumb wars and synchronized dance moves. To setting up tents and then sleeping indoors. Heck freaking yes to natural waterfalls and to moss as a souvenir. Heck yes to this past weekend.


  1. This looks amazing! SO jealous. I am in desperate need of an escape from NYC and some time in beautiful nature!! Where in PA is this?

    xx Melissa

  2. These photos are great, Looks like you had a blast! You and boyfriend are the cutest!


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