the key, a giveaway!

Photos by Numie Abbot.

I think by now you guys are probably familiar with my infatuation with all things antique. The moment I found out about Trust Antique Key Jewelry, I was kind of already in love. I'm not sure what it is about vintage keys that has my heart, but they've always been so darn intriguing to me. Today I'm giving one away. Not just any one, but the one you see me wearing above. I think it might be a little tough for me to give up, but I'm gonna do it. I love this one in particular because it hangs horizontally, which isn't typical of key necklaces -- at least in my experience. It's almost as if it's pointing straight at my heart! What a cheezball I am.

I'm sure this key has a story. I have no idea what it is, and I doubt I'll ever know, but part of that story is that it traveled from Tanya Rustigian (aka T. Rust. aka TRUST. Get it?!) in Massachusetts.. to me in Pennsylvania.. and now it's going to.. you! Whoever you may be. If you'd like to call this pretty little necklace your own, please like Antique Key Jewelry on Facebook and comment on this post telling me why this gem needs to be yours! I'd love it if you could tell your friends, too, because this happens to be my FIRST GIVEAWAY EVER. And if all goes well, maybe we can have some more in le future...

I'll pick a random winner next Friday, November 2nd. I bet it's going to be you! Make sure you comment with your email address so that I can contact you for your winnings! You better check your email :) To all of my international friends, I love you so much, but I have to keep this giveaway US only.

Good luck to all.. and to all a good luck!

PS. That skirt I'm wearing? Free People. It's a freaking dream.


  1. one of my favorite outfits i have ever seen <3

  2. It's perfect and it's even perfect-er because it's from you. I love you and you BETTER DOG GON PICK ME your little sister :)

  3. beautiful photos! I love how the key is horizontal too. Checking out their site now & will 'like' the page!



  4. this necklace IS amazing! it captured my heart the minute i saw it. i've been dying to get new jewelry for this fall, especially necklaces! also it would be amazing if i won this because it's from you, and i think you're pretty awesome. xxx



  5. I have my own little collection/obsession of key jewelry! This is such a beautiful and unique piece!


  6. I've been following your blog and the stuff you write on Free Peoples blog for a while. So I've told you before, your sense of style is really inspirational. I've found that we have extremely similar taste in design, fashion, etc. I think this necklace would be the perfect fit to my collection! I love the design and I love the old texture it gives off. I went to their page and 'liked' it.

    Kristin Greco


  7. I have been loving your blog and all your lovely posts on freeps lately. So inspiring! I think I need that little key hanging by my heart because I am big on keeping your heart under lock, and I am vintage-obsessed. Also, it's my birthday on November 2nd! How perfect?!
    My fingers are criss-crossed!
    Delfina Sitar
    P.S. Your style rocks.

  8. I love your blog and all your free people posts. Your style is so awesome and you have made me become obsessed with lace and crochet, lol...I think I am a little obsessed with you because you have long red hair, like me :) So I know how awesome you are, because you are a rad redhead. haha...I have been obsessed with skeleton keys since I was little and I once found a cigar container full of them in my grandparents house. They never let me take them home (I often tried) and I have never been able to find them since then. I have never won anything, ever, so I would love for this beautiful vintage key necklace to be my first win and hopefully a collection starter to a childhood obsession.

    P.S. your little kitten is adorable, keep posting awesome pics of him on instagram :)


  9. Stunning photos and a really intriguing necklace! I just went to an antique fair and I'm kicking myself for not buying every vintage key I saw.


  10. I love this giveaway, and congrats on your first!! I'd love this necklace so that one day I could do my very own first giveaway, and contribute to the story of this travelling key. Hopefully one day we can get it to travel the whole world.


  11. This piece of jewelry needs to be mine for a few reasons - 1. I am the only male poster thus far. 2. I don't have any accessories (I refrained from saying jewelry because I felt the word is more used with women and I felt weird as a man saying I don't have any jewelry) and 3. I just started seeing someone, so if it turned out to be too feminine appearing around my neck, I could gain some serious brownie points with it.

    Thanks for reading Bridge, and I love your love of happiness, because I share the same mindset and together, we can take over the world! (with Pinky and the Brains help of course)

    Good luck!


    p.s. I'm serious, I'd try to wear it.

  12. smayer903@gmail.com

    I love love love this necklace. It reminds me of a necklace that I saw at a market in Chicago a few years back. It was pretty expensive being an antique skeleton key and all, and I couldn't afford it, but I went back to that market three days in a row and stared at that key, trying to map out my finances to see if I could make it work. The next time I went to the market, I looked for the stall where the key necklace was and found out that the woman who sold it was from Oregon and had gone home. She hasn't been back to Chicago since then (or not that I know of at least), and I always wish I owned that necklace! So this giveaway is my chance!

    Thank you!

  13. Keys are not only mysterious but they represent locked away thoughts and notions ready to be revealed...

    1. greenplastiqtree@gmail.com ^^

  14. I want!!! xxxx

    mylifeinsound: ear & eye candy... great music, new music, epic music videos, gig photos xx

  15. Ah beautiful! This gem is absolutely lovely. I need to have own it so I could tell my friends where I got it from ;) Haha. Beautiful outfit, by the way!

    justeena_25 at yahoo dot ca

  16. An overload of jewelry is my obsession right now. I love having a ring on almost every finger (more than one one a finger if we're including midi rings). I love wrists full of bracelets even if I have to cover them with my coat. Mostly, I love layering necklaces and this vintage key would look great layered with some simpler pieces. It would be one of those beautiful things in my wardrobe!


    P.s. Your kitten is adorable :)

  17. I've recently fell in love with antique items myself....spoons! I love the detail that was put into old silver spoons. There is something magical about a old key. Its like a mystery that you hope to someday solve...having a key that will open some secret door one day!


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  19. I would love to have the key to give to my boyfriend, and tell him the a bit cheesy line "you're the key to my heart". http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3740129462491&set=pb.1253805860.-2207520000.1351439954&type=3&theater. < This is us, we were Peter Pan and Tinker Bell for a Halloween Party. I know he would really like the vintage key because he loves old knick knacks as well, especially old cameras. Hope we win this wonderful gift! Thanks :)

  20. Pretty skirt. And i like the pictures.

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