soaking it in

Few things really beat a fall Sunday afternoon -- especially when you spend it at the park with delicious beers and an awesome little group of girls. Fall does not last long, so I'm trying to soak it in as much as I can! I freaking love this season.

Also, a few weeks ago I decided to go gluten free in hopes of curing this everlasting, seemingly uncurable stomach ache that's been living inside of me for the past 11 months -- which I actually don't think I've ever really mentioned on this here blog. It's no fun. That burr you see up thurr is gluten free, though, and totally delicious. I've been doing a pretty good job with my new eating habits, except for a couple of "Oops I forgot I'm gluten free" and "Whatever, this is an emergency" slip-ups. I don't really feel any better yet, but I'll keep it up for at least a month and hope for the best. If not, it'll be on to the next experiment!


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    1. Hope that's not sarcasm. WE MISS YOU.

  2. just so you know, you won't experience feeling better on a gluten free diet if you don't have celiac disease or have a gluten sensitivity. and the comment of "whatever, this is an emergency" is insulting for people who actually cannot eat gluten, ever, because it makes them physically ill. you won't notice any changes if you occasionally eat gluten. have you read up on gluten and its symptoms? it isn't a fad.

  3. oh and one more thing i forgot to add, it will usually take up to a year or a few years for people who have a problem to reap the benefits and to become healthy again. a month of not eating gluten? that's a joke.

  4. Hi Anonymous. I'm so sorry if I insulted you or anyone else, that wasn't my intention at all. I have a sense of humor that can be difficult for some people to understand without really knowing me. I absolutely don't think that "gluten-free" is a fad. I have been experiencing horrible stomach problems for the past 12 months and am affected every single day. This was my first time ever mentioning these issues on this blog, and I was intending to make light of the otherwise horrible situation -- because this blog is meant to be a positive place. I appreciate your advice. I don't, however, appreciate the condescending way in which it was provided.


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