washing up

I have been a furniture-painting maniac lately. Whatever piece of wood I can get my hands on you can be sure will end up whitewashed, greenwashed, and anything in between. I (clearly) have a love for antique-looking furniture, so I've been painting everything to look that way. It's so much fun because I never have any idea how the finished product will look. It's like a piece of art, and I just keep going until I get the feeling right.

I use a washing technique in that I water down the paint, apply it to a pre-sanded surface, let it sit for a minute or two, and then wipe it with a cloth, but I wouldn't exactly say that this stuff is "washed" in the true meaning of the term. I don't really know what I'd call it, but I'm pretty pleased with how this stuff has been turning out. I love that the paint is heavier in some areas and that you can see haphazard brush strokes all over. It really gives it a hand-touched and worn feeling that I love so much.

My two proudest projects are the greenwashed mirror and the whitewashed stairs, as you can see above. I actually bought two of those mirrors ($8 a piece, thrifted!), and did a similar paint job on both. I really love how the green mixes with the natural color of the wood. The stairs were something I had wanted to paint ever since I first moved in, but I was kind of nervous about how they'd turn out. Last weekend I was in a whitewashing mood, so I just went for it -- and I'm so happy. The dark original color gives the white paint a blue tint, which I think looks awesome. The stairs totally transformed the feeling of my apartment. It feels so much cozier and authentic. Every time I see them I think of a quiet snowy morning, when you walk downstairs in cozy socks and open your curtains, revealing a bright light and a beautiful blanket of fresh, white snow.

I never knew I could be addicted to painting furniture, but I'm totally getting there.


  1. i have been wanting to do this to my kitchen table for so long, but the task of getting it outside from my third floor apt. always stops me. do you think I could get away with doing it right in the kitchen, or do you have to sand it a lot?

  2. To do it the right way you should sand it a lot.. I only lightly sanded most of my stuff because I couldn't wait to get to the painting part, haha. But I think you can totally do it in your kitchen by just putting down a drop cloth to collect all the dust or even just letting it fall to the floor and then sweeping it all up afterwards. I say go for it!! It's so much fun.

  3. adore this! so shabby, antique vintage. very my style.


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