summer's end

Summer is coming to an end, and I'm not mad at it. I'm ready for fall and I have no idea why. This was the weirdest summer I've ever had. It went by so quickly. I know it seems that way every year, but this time it really was different. This year there was no set summer. There was nothing to break up the season from those that precede and succeed it. Last summer I traveled for the entire summer, that was my summer. Every single summer prior to that was summer vacation. Regardless of whether or not I had a job, I always had the notion of school to dictate the season and to allow me to have a clear picture of what "summer" was. I started my job at Free People in April; in the spring. Throughout my whole life there's been a clear break between spring and fall. That break is summer. This year, spring turned to summer and now summer's turning to fall, and there's been nothing to break the seasons up. Well, nothing but the weather, of course. Being a big kid is weird. It's not weird in a bad way, it's just different. I think I'm talking in circles, but I'm just expressing what's going on in this silly little mind of mine. Summer is coming to an end, and I'm not mad at it.

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  1. I love this, I've been feeling the exact same - except my weather is pretty much the reverse.
    Being a big kid is strange indeed.


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