homemade beauty

You see that stuff right there? Looks like onion dip. It ain't onion dip. I wish it was onion dip, but it's the next best thing: an Indian healing clay mask made from calcium bentonite. I always find myself developing short-lived obsessions with natural products. Last month it was activated charcoal. Now it's bentonite clay. I love making beauty products and I also love that I get to do it as part of my JOB. It keeps me trying new things and it's fun as heck.

This mask is made from bentonite clay, oatmeal, tea tree oil, and water. The full (extremely simple) how-to is right over here on BLDG 25, in case y'all wanna try it!


  1. It’s really nice .You are doing a great job. I will definitely use this product on myself.

  2. Thanks a bunch for this lovely clay mask. My skin is very dry and I often get pimples and mild acne. Your mask diy looks like a soothing and natural alternate to the harsh chemical creams.


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