get your greens

Fall is, like, HERE. A few weekends ago I went to a wildlife refuge on Long Island with some awesome dewd to soak up the last bit of summer. We played with chipmunks, fed birds straight from our hands, feared wild turkey, enjoyed all of the greenery around us and ended up on the beach. It was freaking awesome. I just love nature so much and it makes me feel so good to be surrounded by nothing but outdoor life for a good portion of a day. Being outside is so crucial to life; it's so necessary to being happy. Autumn is the perfect time to be outside, and it goes by quick, so let's make a pact to spend time outside every single day -- even if it's just for 45 seconds. Spend time outside and enjoy every moment of it. Are you in? I am.


  1. True
    Fall is perfect
    Watch those beautiful green
    light up and change color
    Fall is perfect

  2. wonderful pictures!

  3. your blog is so inspirational! adore the nature photos! nature is so beautiful! such powerful photos


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