let there be wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is an amazing plant. It has so so so so so so so many health benefits that I'm amazed it's not mandatory for all humans to take a shot of this delicious green substance every single day.

It was actually discovered by farmers way back in the day when they realized that when they fed their animals wheatgrass, the health of the animals soared WAY up. Dying animals who consumed wheatgrass recovered and then SURPASSED their previous health levels.

This stuff is pure gold. I've only begun to learn about it in recent months, but I'm SO interested. My sisters began growing their own a couple months ago and I needed to join in. My sister Gretchen recently gave me a portion of her wheatgrass kit -- including the juicer it came with -- and I was good to go! (THANKS, GRETCH!) The wheatgrass you see above is the first batch I've ever grown, and you guys, it took me ONE week to grow this from scratch. ONE WEEK.

I just took a shot of it and it was so delicious. You always hear about people hating the taste, but I honestly can't understand why. It's fresh and sweet, and reminds me of the taste of homegrown pea pods. I have to be honest and tell you that my stomach does feel a little weird because of it. This is only my third time drinking wheatgrass, so my body's not yet used to it. It's a common thing that happens to lots of people who have wheatgrass for the first time -- there are so many nutrients and it detoxifies you body so intensely that it may make you feel a little ill until you're used to it. But trust me, it's worth it.

If you guys haven't had wheatgrass yet, you should totally try it. It's an amazing thing that belongs in everyone's life. FOR REAL, YO.


  1. I have never tried it, I may just give it a try...welcome to blogger - glad to see you back. I too have a blog but I am the worst blogger ever, I am going to try to be more diligent about posting...have a great day!

  2. Hello hello Brigette!
    I hope you're having a lovely day! :)

    Just today (well approximately half an hour ago), I came to your blog from Dylana's blog {Col Me Nana}. I absolutely ADORE those photos that you were a model for! You made quite a lovely dying fairytale figure. If that makes any sense at all :)
    Anyways, once I came onto your blog, I read all of your posts, which admittedly wasn't very many. Then, I clicked over to your old blog and kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling onwards.

    After reading lots and lots of your posts, I would just like to say that you are AWESOME!
    You seem like such a funny, nice, happy, and interesting person. I definitely wish that I had friends like you!

    Thanks for sharing this information about wheatgrass.
    I've personally never tried it but after reading what you have to say, I may need to give it a go!
    I don't really like healthy food so anything that is nutritious and somewhat tasty is something that I need to try! :)

    Have a lovely week Brigette!
    I'm looking forward to many more of your posts.

    The Ace of Hearts

    P.S. One of your old posts talked about competitiveness. Just for the record, I am INSANELY competitive. I have to win no matter what, even if there isn't really a competition going on. Hence my constant refreshing to check my page stats and whatnot. The thing, though, is that I refuse to do things that I know I can't win. That's why I stopped posting Facebook statuses. I absolutely abhor people not liking or commenting on what I have to say. But then does it really matter what other people think?
    Okay, end of rambling! :)

    1. Hi Alice! Thank you so so much for all your sweet words!! Dylana is such a magical photographer, isn't she?! She's also just such a great person to be around. As for your comment about competitiveness... it's definitely something that haunts us all. The Facebook thing is so true, too. It's so silly and I really want to make myself understand that I don't need validation from other people. It would be cool if Facebook gave the option to remove the "like" button from posts. Then we could post things just because we wanted to, and we could train ourselves not to feel the NEED to get "likes".

      Stay in touch!! :)


  3. Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome.



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