one year later

It's been exactly one year since I returned from the most amazing trip of my life. Last May I won the incredible opportunity to travel to 17 countries in 3 and a half months with my buddy Dutch Simpson. Well, he didn't become my buddy until we met in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Now he's my brother for life, man.

We both happened to enter the 2011 World Traveler Internship from STA Travel. And we both happened to win. I couldn't have had a better partner.

I can't even begin to explain what this trip was like. It was crazy. It was so long. It was so short. It was tiring. It was fun. It was cool. It was beautiful. It was food. It was hostels. It was hotels, cabins, and beautiful old buildings. It was buses, trains and planes. It was waterfalls and beer. It was snowy mountains and blazing hot beaches. It was 14 different languages. It was hundreds of new faces. It was white water rafting. It was bikes and pools and public transportation. It was maps and cell phones that had no minutes. It was getting lost for hours and calling the police. It was language barriers times a million. It was being drunk. It was being sober. It was swimming and hiking and riding on elephants. It was getting locked out. It was rock climbing. It was hysterically laughing every moment of the day. It was taking showers and it was not taking showers. It was not having internet. It was paying for internet. I'm pretty sure it was Michael Cera. It was paying for bathrooms. It was new people and new people and new people. It was singing and dancing and 2 familiar faces in an unfamiliar country. It was losing my lens cap. It was perfect landscapes. It was too many tourists. It was being a tourist. It was taking photos. It was shooting video. Editing video. Sorting through the worst royalty-free music in existence. It was Picadilly Circus. It was Theo Smith. It was Olive. It was CHINA. It was bing pigeo and squat toilets. It was getting stuck in the mud. It was raining hard. It was eating bugs. It was playing with babies. It was being on boats. It was one stupid fight. It was pretending to be people we weren't. It was being exactly who we were. It was spending money and saving money and collecting the most beautiful colorful money. It was keeping a journal and losing a journal. It was panda bears and bottled water. It was video chatting. It was tour guides who lied about everything. It was tuk-tuks. It was pointing our feet where they shouldn't have been pointed. It was heavy backpacks. It was learning new words. It was forgetting them the next day. It was not knowing what city we were in and probably not even caring. It was freaking awesome.


let there be wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is an amazing plant. It has so so so so so so so many health benefits that I'm amazed it's not mandatory for all humans to take a shot of this delicious green substance every single day.

It was actually discovered by farmers way back in the day when they realized that when they fed their animals wheatgrass, the health of the animals soared WAY up. Dying animals who consumed wheatgrass recovered and then SURPASSED their previous health levels.

This stuff is pure gold. I've only begun to learn about it in recent months, but I'm SO interested. My sisters began growing their own a couple months ago and I needed to join in. My sister Gretchen recently gave me a portion of her wheatgrass kit -- including the juicer it came with -- and I was good to go! (THANKS, GRETCH!) The wheatgrass you see above is the first batch I've ever grown, and you guys, it took me ONE week to grow this from scratch. ONE WEEK.

I just took a shot of it and it was so delicious. You always hear about people hating the taste, but I honestly can't understand why. It's fresh and sweet, and reminds me of the taste of homegrown pea pods. I have to be honest and tell you that my stomach does feel a little weird because of it. This is only my third time drinking wheatgrass, so my body's not yet used to it. It's a common thing that happens to lots of people who have wheatgrass for the first time -- there are so many nutrients and it detoxifies you body so intensely that it may make you feel a little ill until you're used to it. But trust me, it's worth it.

If you guys haven't had wheatgrass yet, you should totally try it. It's an amazing thing that belongs in everyone's life. FOR REAL, YO.


dreaming in the sky

I'm a little bit in love with these Egyptian cotton sheets I just got. I feel like my bed is the sky and I'm not even mad at that. I can't wait to go to sleep tonight. I know it's only 10:21, but I might just go to bed right now. Nothing wrong with going to bed nine minutes early, right guys? Sweet dreams.


looking down

H&M socks | Madewell boots

Is there anything better than frilly little socks peeking out from inside your boots? I am a little obsessed with this pair that I just got -- and I see a ton more sock frills in the months ahead. Today's slightly deary weather is getting me in the mood for fall. And I love it.


today's jewels

Cheap rings are the best rings. Because no one ever has to know they're cheap. Except when you write a blog post telling everyone that they are.



saturday night kitchen

It's Saturday night and I'm cleaning my kitchen. It's crazy how much of a disaster my apartment turns into within such a short time. Since I don't have much space in my apartment, my kitchen also serves as a living room, dining room, foyer, and whatever else. That means that on any given day, not only do I have a million dishes spilling over the sink, I also have clothes, shoes, technology, and whatever else I've collected, all spread out over my kitchen floor. Not a good look. So tonight I decided I should do a little cleaning.

When I'm cleaning, I sometimes like to work in sections. My kitchen counter is done right now, and I'm finding a lot of comfort in the feeling I'm getting from it, so that's why I wanted to share some photos! The candle is what's really topping it off. It is so amazing what one beautifully smelling candle can do for the ambiance of a room!

I spend a lot of time finding the decorations I love and then setting them up in ways that speak to me, so it's kind of a shame that I let my space get so out of control in disarray all the time. I'd like to make a statement right now to say that I'm going to keep this place clean from now on. I mean.. I'd like to, but I won't. I've never been able to stick to something like that. But what I WILL say is that I'm going to make one night -- a weeknight -- a cleaning night. Let's make it... Tuesday. Yes. Every Tuesday I'm going to clean my apartment. Let's see if this works. I'll update you guys on Tuesday.



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