Of a Lifetime

Tell me how... you can be thrown into an incredibly exciting yet unknown experience with a human you know nothing about... you can spend almost every moment together for an entire summer, exploring the earth, meeting people, capturing experiences... eating, seeing, and doing the unknown... and then, suddenly, almost without true warning, you realize it's come to an end.

Tell me how... you can go an entire 4 years without being face to face with this person. This person with whom you shared a string of life experiences which can not be compared to anything either of you had ever before experienced... and in those four years, the bond only strengthens.

Tell me how... you can fly across the country to stand in front of this human for the first time in many, many moons... realizing that in the time spent apart, you've both moved in and out of new cities, entered and departed new relationships, started and ended new jobs... experienced heavy shifts of consciousness... brand new ways of thinking and living...

And yet... when your two souls are physically reunited... there's an undeniable feeling of familiarity that can not be explained; that does not need to be explained. What happened in the interim plays no role here... other than offering a fresher perspective which allows for a deeper mutual understanding.

Maybe I'm talking crazy talk. Maybe it all sounds nonsensical. Maybe to fully and truly express this friendship, one must simply be in its presence.

This, my friends... this is a friendship of a lifetime.

(Music by Lord Huron)


That 9-6

Sometimes you're just like, "Ughhh, work is so annoying; everything is stressful; get me tf out of hereeee."

And then sometimes you're walking down the street with a disco ball, looking for a cute wall to use as a backdrop for a picture of a cute girl in cute clothes, and you're just like, "Nvm."

Also, you should follow my work shenanigans on the daily here.


Diez Cosas

1. My MacBook has a virus. My MacBook has had a virus for 3 months. My MacBook got a virus when I tried to stream Broad City and ended up unconsciously downloading a bunch of shit that gave my MacBook a virus. Have I taken it to the Apple store yet? Nah. Why would I ever do a thing like that.

2. Chipotle is the only fast food place I'll allow myself to go to. And I allow myself to go there verrrry often. Also, THE PEOPLE WHO WORK AT CHIPOTLE ARE ALWAYS SO GOOD AT THEIR JOBS. SO EFFICIENT. RIGHT?

3. One of my best friends just broke her pelvis (LOVE YOU). And she's still ridiculously positive enough to make a joke of it and coin the hashtag #pelvispresley. 

4. Hummusworm update: Both parasites are GONE. But… now I just found out I have Lyme Disease too. LOL. So it goes…. ;)

5. In a week and a half, I get to go see the human who I traveled for an entire summer with in 2011. We'd never met each other before that, and we haven't seen each other since. I CAN NOT WAIT.

6. I have a v fun time making ridiculous Snapchat stories. If you think you might have a v fun time watching, come join. (@hummusbird)

7. I don't really plan to stay in New York for that much longer, but I have not a clue where I want to go. Well, I have a few clues, but nothing strong enough to make a decision.

8. I think that, more than anyone else, you have to make yourself laugh most. As long as you got that, you good. You good.

9. I love conspiracy theories. As long as I'm given an argument that's at least *somewhat* convincing, I'll believe anything.

10. One day I will host a TV show. I think I can make it happen. I think I can make it happen soon.


Extra Celestial

Sometimes, you take a picture, and a phrase comes to mind. Others… you hear a phrase, and it causes you to envision an image that you just can't not un-envision. You must create it.

Thanks, Big Sean. This one's for you. 




It's here. We're in it. That summer haze. Those silly days. The ones we dream of all damn year. It's the dead middle of summer. And I better start acting like it.

Having a ~*job*~ can really do a number on your energy level… and your free time. Obviously. But I don't want to let that affect me. I don't want to wake up one September morning and think "What the fck did I even do this summer?"

So let's get in it.

Stoop hangs and rooftops. Barbecues, lakes, and pools.

Road trips and snacks and music. Laughs so hard you can't even breathe.

Maybe I'll even be allowed to drink alcohol again soon. Maybe.

I realize that, once you start getting a little older, summer doesn't just happen like it used to. You have to make it happen. And really, that's the beauty of it.

What are yoooooou doing this summer? Maybe I'll see you there.

First photo of me by Sean Cynamon; second by Jana Kirn for Entropy Jewelry.


Ten Things

1. As of a few weeks ago, Hummusworm (my tapeworm infestation) is officially GONE. So psyched. Since then, I did find out I've also been plagued with flukes -- the most common parasite -- but… it's all good. I'm excited to keep having these discoveries made by my beloved doctor. Every day I'm one step closer to maximum blissful health. :)

2. I can't get chocolate chip cookies off the brain. As soon as I'm home, I'm making a batch with just almond meal, coconut flakes, homemade chocolate chunks, coconut oil, maple syrup, eggs, himilayan salt, vanilla extract, and baking powder. Pure pure pure.

3. I love working out. I developed a love for it when I was living with my fitness guru of a sister last year, and I miss taking her ridiculous tabata classes every day. Now that I'm working full time and no longer living with her, it's not so easy to stick to a strict workout schedule. But I'm getting back into it. I need to. I crave the sore muscles and unexpected agility I happily experienced last summer.

4. It's been decided: I'm selling my car. I looove the convenience of it -- and, to be honest, I've been using it for pretty big trips every single weekend, but I know that it's not a necessity. Ultimately, it costs me way more money than what I'm getting out of it. I'll be living much more comfortably once I rid myself of the responsibility.

5. For the past few months, I've been on the hunt for a pair of platform espadrilles. Black with natural straw. Any nudges in the right direction would be much appreciated.

6. If you ever spot me on the subway, there's an 80% chance I'll be full-out dancing to myself, mouthing the words to whatever it is that's flooding my ears at the moment.

7. I'm closing the book on craft fairs for now. In my limited experience, the work is hard, the payoff low, and my summer weekends are just far too precious a thing to give up. I'm so grateful that I've been a part of 3 over the last year. I've learned a lot, and am walking away with some great experiences had; people met. But it feels good to wash my hands of it -- at least for the time being. Onto the next big thing.

8. What is the next big thing, you ask? Eh, I have an idea or two in mind. ;)

9. Every so often, I get really upset about the fact that I rarely find myself in a relationship. I have so so so much love to give, and all I want is a beautiful soul to share it with. Yesterday, I had my tarot cards read for the first time. At the end, I asked the oracle about this exact issue. "What am I doing that's hindering myself from love? What can I change in order to find it?" What she responded with was something that finally put my worries to rest once and for all. It turns out that it has nothing to do with what I am or am not doing. I'm being protected by my ancestors, she confirmed. "Even if you're out drinking at a bar, no one can touch you." You see, my ancestors still view me as a child, she said, and they're sparing me from those who are not worthy of my love. "But.. is this… forever?" I asked. "No, no. Let's find out how long," she said, as she drew three more cards. "2016," she said. "In 2016, these doors that have been blocked will finally open for you… and it will be because of a job." Next year… that's it? I can absolutely wait. Until then… I'll just be happily hangin'.

10. Still thinking about those chocolate chip cookies.