Skin Bliss: Jurlique

I cherish my beauty rituals. To me, they’re my time to indulge the sense of sight, touch, smell, and even sound all at once. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been infatuated with trying out new beauty products — and here I am, no different at 28 years old. Well, maybe a little different; different in my concern with quality of ingredients. 

I was introduced to natural skincare brand Jurlique by my wonderful healer Dr. Alicia Armitstead. This woman is next level. Truly something else. I hold all of her recommendations to the highest regard. So when I saw she was backing this skincare brand, I knew I’d be in for a treat.

Fragrant, potent, and powerful, yet gentle, their products are top tier. No exaggeration. 

Their Beautiful Rituals face care set is a rose-based trio made up of their Rosewater Balancing Mist, Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream Mask, and Skin Balancing Face Oil. 

I’m in love.

Rose is wonderful for hydration and balance, topped off with its beautiful, feminine scent.

After washing my face, I close my eyes and spritz some mist, massage in a few drops of the face oil, and finish it off with a couple dabs of the moisturizing mask. The mask is really meant to be a once-a-week treatment, but my skin needs some extra love, so I use a little bit of it on the daily. Then, a few times a week I'll apply a generous amount when I’m hanging out around my apartment, and let my pores slowly drink it in.

I think that skincare is one thing in which we should allow ourselves to indulge. If you have the means, I recommend you try one of Jurlique’s magical potions for yourself.

Ps. I'm well aware that the flowers pictured about are not roses, hehe. But they look beautiful alongside the products, right?!



T'was a very, very exciting day when Freeps allowed me to shoot some bodysuit images for wholesale. Quite the easy task when you have a babe for a model, and an awesome art director, stylist, and hair and makeup crew. I'm psyched. :) :)



I've said it before, and I wasn't lying: Sometimes a girl has to hang out at home in beautiful lingerie. Especially when it's a high-waisted lace-up set by Brooklyn duo Daisy & Elizabeth

If you so desire this bralette and panty set for yourself, enter HBxDE at checkout for 30% off. :)

Photographed by my dear friend Jonny Kapps.


The Tuck

Put your hands up on my tuck, when I tuck, you tuck, we tuck.

This kind of makes me want to cut my hair. But I won't do it. I won't do it.

Or will I?


The Bird on The Tube

I told y'all I was gonna start a YouTube channel. Welp, here it is! Lots more to come. If you have any topic requests for a video, leave a comment and let a girl know! I'm excited to see where this goes.

Also, SUBSCRIBE to my channel!!! That way you'll know as soon as anything new comes out. Hehe.

Love you guys.


The Moon Deck

Even its name sounds enticing: The Moon Deck.

I recently had the great honor of having one in my possession to see what this magical deck was all about. Instantly I fell in love.

44 gorgeous cards, each with a transformative mantra and unique gorgeous illustration. A mini book explaining each mantra and offering an accompanying ritual. And a beautiful handcrafted wooden box to encase it all.

I loved to pull a card or two each morning... to help me start my day with intention. And before bed I'd pull a few more... usually focusing on a specific topic before pulling these: work, love, health.

Come spring this deck will be available for all, and I can't wait to have one to call my own.

I've met two of its three creatresses... these are special women. The Moon Deck is truly a product of love. And they just want to share it with us all.

On behalf of everyone who The Moon Deck will touch, help, and heal... thank you, ladies.